Crushing It (Book Review)

Crushing It (Book Review)

If you’re into producing content and growing your brand by doing content marketing, this book would fit perfectly into your shelf.

Crushing It is a book by Gary Vaynerchuk (not to be confused with Crush It book) and it has lots of great information about what really takes to be successful on the internet nowadays.

Here is the book description, extracted from Amazon:
“Four-time New York Times bestselling author Gary Vaynerchuk offers new lessons and inspiration drawn from the experiences of dozens of influencers and entrepreneurs who rejected the predictable corporate path in favor of pursuing their dreams by building thriving businesses and extraordinary personal brands.

In his 2009 international bestseller Crush It, Gary insisted that a vibrant personal brand was crucial to entrepreneurial success, In Crushing It!, Gary explains why that’s even more true today, offering his unique perspective on what has changed and what principles remain timeless. He also shares stories from other entrepreneurs who have grown wealthier—and not just financially—than they ever imagined possible by following Crush It principles. The secret to their success (and Gary’s) has everything to do with their understanding of the social media platforms, and their willingness to do whatever it took to make these tools work to their utmost potential. That’s what Crushing It! teaches readers to do.

In this lively, practical, and inspiring book, Gary dissects every current major social media platform so that anyone, from a plumber to a professional ice skater, will know exactly how to amplify his or her personal brand on each. He offers both theoretical and tactical advice on how to become the biggest thing on old standbys like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat; podcast platforms like Spotify, Soundcloud, iHeartRadio, and iTunes; and other emerging platforms such as For those with more experience, Crushing It! illuminates some little-known nuances and provides innovative tips and clever tweaks proven to enhance more common tried-and-true strategies.

Crushing It! is a state-of-the-art guide to building your own path to professional and financial success, but it’s not about getting rich. It’s a blueprint to living life on your own terms.”

Wanna know if Crushing It is worth the reading? Watch this video and find out!

Crushing It Book:

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pratik gupta says:

Jab jab jab right hook!!

Lucas Martins says:

Most your videos are not showing on my subscription feed anymore for reason…

Derek Parsey says:

When you think john was wearing a wig at the start because of the palm tree above his head lolz.

Nazareth Aguilera says:

I don’t like what Gary says because of a video he made saying he didn’t have any advantages growing up. He went to college, and worked for his dad making $50k, saving it because he still lived with his parents until close to the age of 30, where then he was able to then take off with all the money he saved. Like, how is that not having any advantages? A regular person can’t replicate that.

Coding in Flow says:

I don’t really get the book. It seems to be about spending hours every day creating social media content. But shouldn’t you put much more time into actually getting better at your craft? The book seems to be the opposite of Cal Newport’s “Deep Work”.

coach4dev says:

I have been reading (listening to) this book since last 1 week. As John mentioned it’s indeed inspiring to hear common people’s story. John’s advice along with Gary’s advice  has motivated me to start my own channel coach4dev where I am uploading videos on common coding interview questions. I am doing this along with a full time job and a kid 🙂 Working on it everyday! Thanks John for amazing videos and motivation!!!

Ryan V B says:

I admire your persistence, John. Good luck with the channel.

WPWithTom says:

This was a miss for me honestly. I guess I was just expecting more, and I had already known/heard most of the success stories already.

You are 100% right about those 3 producing tons of content (just like you do yourself)

Fred Winslow says:

i was one nonprogrammer that enjoyed your videos except obviously not the ones on programming. u likely started wanting the programmer life niche. but now have moved on to a more general tribe. the positive achievement mentality area

is this because a small tribe of interested programming followers is not open to the same potential as this audience ?

your numbers tripled since the change it appears

Ashutosh Maharana says:


wil drap says:

Hi John, how to cope bad reputation from previous company?

CG Entrepreneur says:

I read the book and had to do a review on it because it has so many amazing points and insightful tips about how to build your foundation on social media and monetize from there and basically just create a career from it. Also I love how he splits the book into two parts the first one being how to obtain the right mindset to be able to profit from today technological advancements and society and then the second part being chapters legit for each popular social media. Amazing book thanks for the video!

ExSiZuGeSe says:

Read it as well, awesome insights

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