Best Business Book of 2017 (My Top Recommendation)

I’ve read 45 business & entrepreneurship books this year (out of 7 gazillion), and I’m excited to share my top choice for best business book of 2017! I also give you a quick synopsis of the book, too.

My criteria for best book is as follows:

1. Most actionable.
2. Most relevant.
3. It’s helped me get RESULTS.

Note: please know that I didn’t consider whether the book was published in 2017 or not. It’s simply what book in 2017 did I read that really made a huge difference. Thanks!

Big thanks to Chris Ducker for this book recommendation, and it’s a bonus that this is actually a self-published book, one of the few from the lot that I read this year.

The book I selected is The Coaching Habit, by Michael Bungay Stainer:

Link to get the book on Amazon (affiliate link):

Whether you are an online influencer, a business owner, a manager, parent, grandparent, teacher, or just friend – you are considered a coach, and you can benefit from the content in this book.

At the heart of this book are the 7 essential questions that great coaches should ask, broken down into these categories:

1. The Kickstarter Question
2. The AWE Question
3. The Focus Question
4. The Foundation Question
5. The Lazy Question
6. The Strategic Question
7. The Learning Question

Through this process, you can become a better coach by not telling what people to do, but by asking the right questions, which reflects my personal experience with great coaches I’ve had in the past.

What kind of “coaching” do you do? Like this video and comment with your answer before December 25th because I’ll be selecting 5 random commenters on Christmas Day to win a copy of this book so you can start off 2018 with something super useful for you, your business, and your life.

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Holisticlea says:

So glad I found your channel thanks to Amy’s collaboration with you! I love reading about the things that interest me and can be helpful to me so that I can learn how to help others. I am studying to become a health and nutrition coach and like to encourage people to own their health through nutrition and a generally more holistic approach. Thanks for sharing. This will be on my must-read-books in 2018, list.

Premendra Parsan says:

Your videos seem so easy to consume…Great content! Really appreciate the recommendation. Thanks

Justin Cook says:

Great video!

Farrukh Hanif says:

can you please provide this book free of cost

Michael MacGinty says:

Pat, I do not get to read or listen to as much of your content as I would like to do. But when I do dip in and see you recommend this excellent book, it reminds me why I want to make time to listen to you more. This is also my favourite business book of 2017. Having read it four or five times it is already well dogeared. How to coach well in just 10 minutes a day. This book should be compulsory basic training for any would-be coach. Happy Christmas to all the Flynns

Danielius Goriunovas says:


Cynthia Damaskos says:

Great videos Pat. I’m loving watching them. Keep up the good work!

Libor Supcik says:

So actionable couching is also humbling the coach as in learning by teaching. By asking ‘How can I help’ the couch is prevented from taking an action [advise] that may be a wrong one [>4:37]…thus coaches find out more where are or go…but ‘you need to know where you are going before you may tell them where to go’… hmm… What degree of knowing is this about? The life changes thus knowing exactly where one goes is for hermits and paranoiacs, innit? well well ..So It is probably just a 3rd video I see of you Pat [after hours of listening in 2013] and so as a freshman I notice your might have a slight neck or posture problem since your head is left inclining.

Dennis Leyton - YOmasmas says:

It’s funny how you mentioned in your next video that we should read books that are the most relevant to us now – and THIS book IS 🙂 I’m coaching entrepreneurs on increasing their energy and being more efficient 😉

Kelly Thomas says:

I am excited to get this book! A friend just recommended your video on reading more books which led to this one. This will be one of my smart goals at work: To read one book a month starting with this one! And I love your videos!

George Chatzimanolis says:

Hey Pat, I really love your latest videos!!! Thanks also for the recommendation. Coaching is one of my big goals for 2018.

Oli David Blog says:

Pat, I don’t know how to tell you how much you’ve inspired me over the years. I probably spent more than 500 hours reading, watching and listening to you. Thank you so much. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family. PS: I was secretly hoping to bump into you when you came to London but unfortunately it never happened. =) Ah, and don’t drop the microphone.

Cornelius Benton says:

Millionaire Booklet by Grant Cadone

Krishna Nagarjun Reddy Samanthula says:

I am starting to manage a test for the first time in my life and this book seems to be really helpful. Thanks for the recommendation

Randall Stark says:

Great video Pat! Your humor timing is spot on and helps lock in your message. Looks (and sounds) like a great read to get.

Gareth Beckett says:

Thanks Pat. I was needing that new book for the new year. It hit the mark!

If You Willem says:

Pat you’re doing excellent work. You’re a true inspiration. I’m doing a lot of the same stuff myself. Trying to do YouTube, entrepreneurship, and self development all at once. I’m glad to have found this channel!

Diego Bravo says:

Great video. Thank you for the information.

JP Espiritu says:

WOW! your summary of this book is a game changer. I want *will* win this book. Excited to read it.

The Social Launch says:

Awesome I’m looking for more books for my 2018 list so I’m adding this one thanks!

James Broad says:

Pat, Great video and I am building my reading list for 2018. This is a great addition. You have motivated me to develop a reading list of 24 titles to be my goal for 2018 (2 a month!). Thanks for the motivation (again)

Vladimir Voichik says:

Thank you for the book recommendation!

Mary Jo Campbell says:

Thanks for the book recc, Pat! I just ordered this for my husband because yesterday he passed his Property Management state licensing test and I think a book on coaching and leading will help him in this new career. P.S. been a follower and fan of yours for the last 3 years and you’ve inspired me to take my local in-person young writers’ workshop to the internet! I recommend you and your podcast to everyone who is even thinking about becoming an entrepreneur. Merry Christmas!!

Ed Boyle says:

Nice overview of a book that seems it will be useful. cheers.

Kunal Tomar says:

Makes a good read for all leaders in the corporate world.. effectively every corporate leader is coaching. The catchy part of the video was the way the books were rounded up and video made and the ask..question.. ask..question..ask.. question. You have a way to keep people engaged all the way to the end Pat 🙂

Sibila Ribeiro says:

Love it! Your videos are absolutely awesome, informative and hilarious at the same time! Coll way to shoot the books in a circle 🙂

David Jackson says:

Thanks, Pat. I went to order the book, and DOH, I ordered in May of 2016 and never read it. Thanks to your video, I moved it to the top of the list. Thanks for your help and insights.

Peter Dalley says:

Great videos with some useful and simple practical tips : )

My Happy Voice says:

Rotating shot :)) Thanks for sharing, the book is on my list now. Will use your link.

Mark Thompson says:

Appreciate the video & book recommendation! My wife is a teacher and think she would benefit from and love the book (I’d like it too I bet. Hee Hee!) Appreciate you, Pat! Merry Christmas.

JAMES R says:

This video was extremely helpful. This book will help me to zero-in on my customers true problem, and how I can best help.

Rucel Pletado says:

I loved this review! 7 Golden Nuggets to ask great questions!!!

Bhavesh Garg says:

There are not many people who knows how to make money online in India. Moreover, most of the key players are just into making money instead of helping others make money online. I am working towards providing effective and actionable ways to earn money

Geeks Life says:

DUDE!!! Where has this guy been?? This is HILARIOUS!! Such good editing!

nicholas rodriguez says:

I believe this book will give me a ton of value in the future. Great video! Big Fan of SPI and I know you love audio Pat, the echo in this video is pretty noticeable. I like the buttery smooth tone form the podcast. Have someone dial in the audio with the mic set up.

Overall great synopsis of the Key points. I look forward to serving you in 2018 too. Big things in 2018 for this Channel (thanks for SPI Podcast 296)

Luis Ruiz says:

for a momment I espected a top 5 something like that! 🙂

Olivia CB says:

Thank you very much for sharing your best 2017 book. I am just starting my coaching business and would love to read this book !my goal is to be a facilitator of people chasing their business idea coaching them on the entrepreneur mindset and guide them thru their business plan. I believe Coaching is the art of questioning and those 7 questions are simple and impactful ! looking forward to get thru the whole book ! 🙂

sharie brown says:

I enjoy the way you present your videos. I will be watching more.

Lizzy Dann says:

I coach as a parent every day, as an attorney, and natural birth coach! Thanks for the recommendation.

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