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How I went from broke to buying a Lamborghini: How much do you spend on your “brain budget?” You must spend a ton of money on your own brain. People ask me what books I read. Here is a sample from my last trip to Barnes & Noble. Most people are too “penny wise and dollar foolish” to invest in themselves. They have no problem spending on stupid things to make other people rich but they forget to spend on things that could make them rich. The cashier at Barnes and Noble says he watches my Youtube videos on books, haha, and that this is a new record for him to checkout someone buying $800 worth of books at one time. I shouldn’t be the exception. This should be the norm…


victor hope says:

i recomend this book: michio kaku: the future of the mind.

AlphaTV says:

Great Video….plz review the book….selling is human

Alexis Jones says:

This book website “fetching lobon only” (Google it) is simply incredible because it is not just user-friendly but also an outstanding provider of numerous reading materials like books and documents. I`m very thankful for finding this website and you should try it as well. If you`re a reading lover, then do not miss out accessing this website. Whatever you need with regards to books and reading materials is found here.

Rohan Tiwari says:

how to win friends and influence people

shilesh salekar says:

grant cardon millionaire booklet

Debojyoti Mandal says:

The Subtle art of not giving a fuck

SakMinZeez says:

i have a shit ton of ebooks instead of physical books. that’s my reason why I dont buy books at the bookstore

Armando Gómez says:

I think that’s too much Tai. Aren’t you just stacking books at your house? I get on avg 5 books/month and that’s way more food (Information) than what My body (mind) can digest (assimilate).

Infinite Cluster of Orbs says:

The negative powers scaling is the golden nugget of wisdom in this video. Thank you for putting that in.

HydrangeaDragon says:

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert 🙂

SuperPolak91 says:

“The Little Book of Talent” by Daniel Coyle

Vineet Pandya says:


AnythingWithWheels says:

B&N worst place to get books. Reading != money otherwise librarians would all be rich. : )

Joseph Muckensturm says:

I’m watching all your videos and I’m a book fanatic and an avid reader. I’m entering a spiritual place in my life where I’m seeking more peace. The Bhagavad Gita is an awesome story with great enlightening info. I would suggest the mahabrahata would be a good investment or a great translated version of the Bhagavad Gita. My recommendation for Tai. Thanks Tai, I appreciate your inspiring motivation and mentoring advice. I feel like their is a solid connection that many people need to build with one another. ” build connections ” would be a suggestive video. Take the best of care and thank you again for all the hard work and dedication to help people like myself that want to succeed and make a change for the better in life. Good day

Santosh Bhattarai says:

it is when globolization falls not civilization falls

ItzJoshTuber says:

iam recently buying the book think and grow rich by Napoleon hill

amir hossein mousavi says:

nahjolbalaghe is a good book specially hekmat part of this book is so good

Dicte Glob says:

All my money. I use all my money on books

Alexandr Vrubel says:

East of Eden-John Steinbeck

Mahmood Mikdady says:

You are my favorite and also thank you for good books recommendations

Nurrizq Syawal says:

you inspire me to read, thanks!

Jonathan Gonzales says:

6 pillars of self esteem is a game changer

Eva M. Kingsley says:

The best book is the Bible. If you are intelligent and are able to understand it, the book carries extreme insight on how to live life fully, and understand how the world works better. Check out Ecclesiastes, James, and Matthew.

Edwin Marak says:

you’re awesome

Nicolas Noez says:

where I live there are sometimes longs queues in the bookshops

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