101 Things I Learned in Business School— Book Review

Chris Do takes an in-depth look at authors Michael W. Preis & Matthew Frederick’s book, “101 Things I Learned in Business School,” that distills what Michael learned by getting his MBA from Harvard Business School, and Ph.D. in marketing from George Washington University.

This book simplifies key business concepts into 1 lesson/tip at a time and is a part of the series “101 Things I Learned…” created by Matthew Frederick.

Overall, easy read, and a good primer for creatives looking to bone up on key business concepts.

What did you learn in business school? What do designers need to learn about business? Business crash course for creatives.

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02:18 How to run a meeting
04:48 Leadership/Management: Broaden your skills for higher positions.
07:08 Not making a decision is (still) a decision. Take action.
08:11 80/20 Rule: Focus on the 20% of effort that brings the results.
10:17 Autonomy: Tell others the result you need, not how to get it.
11:22 Hire your own boss
12:11 Complaining customers are often very loyal ones.
14:17 Sales & Negotiations: Build Trust.
14:25 Amateurs give advice. Experts diagnose.
16:53 Gain leverage and seek the win-win.
19:07 Connectors: People who can introduce you to new networks of opportunities.
20:52 Clarity: Do Fewer Things, but do them better.
23:08 Pricing: factor in costs of goods sold, profit, and the value created.

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Michael W. Preis & Matthew Frederick – 101 Things I Learned In Business School
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Evgeniya Haidukova says:

Oh! amazing! I haven’t watched the video yet but I have just seen that there is a business guy and an architect, so that is exactly what I’m thinking about, as I am graduated from an architectural academy but working in architecture I decided to shift my focus on business, so I’m excited to watch the video. I think in every field you are in you should learn about business as well as you learn about your specialization

John smith says:

guy kawasaky doesn’t do anything besides giving advice

Ney Pimentel says:

Very C©oL.. Grabbing a copy right now.. Thanks! – Ney

Sylvan says:

Thanks Chris, really helped me out. Definitely buying the book tonight!

Christyl Benford says:

Very useful content and great video. Can’t wait to get the book. Thanks for sharing Chris!

Jim Leonardson says:

I bought this book today. Thanks Chris.

Sebastien Phillips says:

Hey Chris question: How do you calculate a (runway)?

Handarand says:

This is an awesome video. Thank you!

I found out that some of this things I’ve learned by doing. For example – 15:25 or #52, I found that when I’m making a video or animation for the client, I must look on it as we are working with him for his clients/viewers etc, so I’m not trying to solely satisfy his idea and style, but willing to make a product that be liked by his audience and match his needs of what effect it must bring to his/her company.

WEARE-CG says:

Thanks for the review! A really good format for people that don’t want or have time to read the book and in the same time to get the more important parts of it in a video! Regards from Bulgaria, really appreciate what you are doing and it really helps us for our business! Hope to chat soon!

Nikonas Davis says:

I’m slowly starting to learn more about business. These videos help give me a frame work to look at. Thank you!

Toms Toms says:

I sure wish content like this would be more aviable on the podcast format. its perfect for the daily comute but the video format makes it a bit awkward to listen to. Still, loved the video! Ty for sharing the knowledge!

Creator Collabs says:

i love you.

Fabien Andreacola says:

Just perfect! Clear, precise, just essential.

Adam C. LeBre says:

This is awesome! I’m not even in the Design world, but I’ve learned a lot from this channel. Keep up the great work!

Joe Tamunotonye says:

Thank you Chris.

neuemage says:

buy the fonts? lol I must owe millions in back fees 😛

Phairo Pheenix says:

I think that it’s dope it allows us to visually move along with you and better connect with the points that you are trying to make, I just found out about you guys and watching your growth is inspirational & motivating keep up the amazing work!! I am definitely going to be a customer

Carlos Garfias says:

Everything was very useful it totally made so much sense, thank you

Alistair Holmes says:

Thanks Chris Do. I really enjoyed this review. I’m a web developer and starting out my own freelance business, and the tip on pricing was very helpful. Thanks for the content, looking forward to the next video for more inspiration.

Mohamed Hassan says:

Super informative. Thanks for review.

Butler Branding says:

A lot of the same concepts of Creative Strategy book. I like this format! Very cool

Guy Hayden says:

Amazing so well structured and very encouraging. Im working towards being a 3d molder and this helped me with setting goals. Thank you

Dominik Moravcik says:

Pretty cool video. You´re talking straight with no heavy ballast around. Thanks for it.

Gaia Yemens says:

Great video. Not sure about this intro music you have going on Chris

dee dee says:

yeah back on the pricing for content that generates revenue such as a logo for a clothing line how do you accurately price that, we’ve all heard about the nike logo situation.

stvsueoka1 says:

I dig the format A LOT … I can listen to it while I work. It’s straight forward and easily digestible. You’re able to communicate what you want to in a concise way, without the distraction of others. The only issue I’m having is that I like to take notes during these videos and I find myself being distracted a bit hahaha 🙂

La'Quia says:

I like the book I might buy it so I have it saved in my favorites.

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