Top 18 Books to Read in 2018!

These are the top 18 books (apart from new releases) that I want to read this year!

What books are at the top of your yearly tbr?

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The Fifth Eliot says:

HIS DARK MATERIALS! YES!!!!!!!!! oh god, dont watch the movie… *cries*

zeee says:

omg I have ” Persepolis ” & I screamed when I saw you holding it! lol
definitely going to give it a read this year

Priscila D says:

How do you afford all those hardcover books?♡♡

Lisa Simpson Rules says:

Eeeehhh, Rebecca is the name of the first Mirs de Winter. She is the late lady who everybody seems to still be obsessed with.

Rachid Lemaâdni says:

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Zeineb Boujeh says:

I think you revealed way too much about Rebecca.

Ismail Chowdhury says:

How much money do you have to spend on soooo many books geez

bea marie says:


A Taco says:

I enjoyed they both die at the end

Dahlia Mikha says:

Great recommendations!

Top 3 books I want to read in 2018:

I know why the caged bird sings – Maya Angelou
4321 – Paul Auster

Gabrielle Carter says:

oh I want to watch Snow Falling! I love Jane the Virgin

Shaynie Girl says:

I was just eyeing the Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus books in the corner, PJO fans, where you at?

HD 720 says:

The Book of Joan,Written by Lidia Yuknavitch [ ]registration memberships $0

Jack Kornowske says:

His dark materials were so intricate and beautiful I couldn’t put it down

Felicia Kelley says:

I have Persepolis!!

haitham albadi says:

Can i ask you please?

Mortar & Ivy says:

I absolutely LOVE it when a production studio adapts a fictional book from a movie or tv series into an ACTUAL book fans can read, such as Jane the Virgin or ABC’s Castle… I’m still holding out for a public release of Evil Dead’s Necronomicron Ex Mortis.

Dr. Masuma Yasmin says:

Just discovered your channel. Love it.

Edwin Santos Martinez says:

2018 BOOOK

sonita govan says:

Thanks for your recommendations Hannah. I enjoy them and I really have come to value your opinion. There have been a few books that you have recommended that I have not connected with but reading is subjective and I really appreciate and look forward to your videos.

calista putriangelia says:

I don’t even know that they published snow falling until now…

The Super Green Flash of Tomorrow says:


The Fifth Eliot says:

great expectations was my fav CD… two cities characters weren’t as interesting to me 🙁

Lizvette Manzano says:

Hi! I’m a fan of historical novels, autobiographies and memoirs. I read The Princess Diarist this past year. I didn’t enjoyed it. I would like to hear your review.

strawberry picnic says:

I paused this video so I could order snow falling right away

Florato says:

The first book is about Iran! Hi from Iran!

Fabluewho says:

some interesting choices here 🙂 if anyone is interested, please check out my WordPress book blog: Would genuinely love to find some new people who have a shared interest 🙂

Leslie Mendiola says:

His dark materials trilogy is amazing omfg, probably tops the harry potter series as my personal favorite, which is saying a lot

afolabi saliu says:

Download books online for free. You don’t have to pay for your favourite novels anyone.This will safe you a whole lots of money.

Amber Hannah Thomas says:

Love this video!

Stormtrooper88 88 says:

holy crap i saw the show and just now am learning that snow falling is a real book well dang

Marta García Calatayud says:

I feel the same about A Tale of Two Cities, I LOVE Will and Tessa no much and I really want to understand their references

Dr. Masuma Yasmin says:

You should start with Rebecca! Its just so beautiful !

Annabeth Granger says:

TOASA is AMAZING you really have a love-hate relationship with Simon because of his choices in the book. (I also have to warn you, the Bane Chronicles really let me and my friends down. Just warning you.)

Kathy Dillon says:

Stop everything and read “A Tale of Two Cities” if you haven’t already. It’s a wonderful book. Very un-Dickens in a way. He tends to ramble on because he was paid per word. But “A Tale of Two Cities” is great.

Wolfie says:

tbh how in the world can you just stop reading something go to another it just seems like you weren’t interested with it in the first place. I mean when I read a series, I finish it or read it up to where it ends until next one comes out. I can’t just drop a book and not finish it if I actually liked it.

Esha Vaikhary says:

Have you read Keeper of the Lost Cities? BTW, I’m new here and I love your channel!!

Nabil Karioki says:

I like ur voice

Cassidy Lewis says:

I love to read and stories but I can’t read a lot or fast at all, I have to remind myself I like it because my eyes hate it. I’m dyslexic.

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