Top 10 Books To Read in Your Lifetime!


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Thirumoorthi Mani says:

I love that book shelf.

Mallika Ramachandran says:

I love Anne of the Green Gables and really almost everything LM Montgomery wrote- happy to see it on your list.

lejla letic says:

One word. Shantaram. Best of all time.

Rissy Roooh says:

My favorite books at the moment is The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings books

Nihaal .k.k says:

You didnt even mention some great books like alchemist, eleven minutes, the god of small things, the end of utmost happiness, forry rules of love, bastard in istanbul
these are the books which truly define life

Emma Mchugh says:

omg your bookshelf is amazing a lot of the books that you mentioned are either books that I’ve read or want to read lol you just earned a new subscriber

Miraculous Bunny says:

A book I would recommend to anyone of any age is out of my mind it’s main character is a girl named melody born with a disorder that leaves her unable to talk or move yet she is extremely smart and goes through many struggles through the story this book will leave you laughing crying and even getting mad at some of the characters

Дорога Достижений says:

Does she speak American English?

drayef sarra says:

the book thief is one of my best books … what’s the name of the last book §??

Carla Marlene S says:

Seriously? These are the books we should all read? K.

wack1985 says:

Sarah’s Key is a great book if you like the Book Thief. Sarah’s Key is kind of graphic though.

Hannah Washburn says:

Have you read Markus Zusak’s The Messenger? The Book Thief was my favorite book…until I read The Messenger. Its impact on me was just as, if not more powerful than The Book Thief’s. I FREAKING LOVE IT SM

Ali Abdirahmam says:

amazing… i”ve read 7 out of 10.. so we kinnda have similar taste in books..really great choices.

Jan Gerard Montejo says:

Yeahh… My favorites in this video are the fault in our stars,Harry potter,and the hunger games

Jaqueline Oliveira says:

Hi Hailey… I love too the book thief is my favorite book

Nasser PLAYZ says:

nut i love the shelf XD

A Slice Of Gaming says:

My Top 3 books

Jessica Meme says:

Your bookshelf…. I want it… I’m such a bookworm.

Joy Fall says:

How old are you?

Norbert Bazydlo says:

have you read zac power

Christopher Murphy says:

If you liked Anne of green gables, find the books “Rode to Avon-lee” used to be a tv show on CBC my cousin directed the tv show.

Op Zoo says:

Be attentive. Dear and Near ones are changing.
Nominate it, Take it. (for FREE after Kindle Publication)

Warrior Cats fan says:

You defenetly die not read the book ”Warrior cats”

Tyrfing Broadaxe says:


thaddy says:

Great video!

ravenon28 says:

You’re just twenty? It’s not just, it’s already.

Jessica Meme says:

To Kill a mockingbird… I love I love

Augustya Sing says:

10 is a good number . . .

Sonny Temaro says:

You’ve basically named all of my favorite books, i love your taste.

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