Top 10 Books I Want to Read in 2016!

The top ten books I want to read this year!

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Ashlynn May says:

I read LIFE As We knew it it was amazing

Ashley Moore says:

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Carmen Rodriguez says:

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Oscar Read says:

must read Mamma mia that’s life and That’ Amore!

Leighton Shehan says:

Have you read the false prince

Leigh Hauserman says:

I made it about half way through warbreaker and it’s soo good!! I’m hoping to get to it again and finish

Cameron Summers says:

The Raven King… Glass Sword… maybe the last book in the Selection… don’t know…. the one before wasn’t as good. I also am looking forward to the hopefully the last book in the Chronicles of Nick series. Most people don’t know about it, and, I read the whole series online. Mostly I pick books at random, and test them out. Not basing on authors or anything. Sometimes you can find good unpopular books.

Okena Blake says:

Those are cool. Wanna hear more!

Carmen Rodriguez says:

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Cameron Clark says:

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Neil rulz says:

I read a spectacular book called “Memoirs of my struggles” by a fellow called Neil Chuma. Wow that’s a hell of a read!

Sonia Young says:

read ill give you the sun amazing brother sister twin tale

Angel Davis says:

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sunil telkar says:

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Whatsgeetchie says:

Wow! How many books have you read so far in your life.. love the bookshelf!!

Brent 876 says:

What was your gpa in high school

Marco WARD says:

Reading any other book would be a waste of time

Christian King says:

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Tamika steed says:

Where can I go to read about books coming out in the year?

Wyatt Earp says:

Are there any intelligent sites on books on YouTube? Really!? Big books with pretty covers???

Lexi Christiansen says:

There is a now book at has just came out called Rebellion, it is about the fight to get Roses life back to the way it was before

Christian's Corner says:

Does anyone have any book(s) recommendations for someone who hasn’t read a full book since high school? Wanting to get into reading but I have trouble finding books that I will enjoy reading!

Aid Munchies says:

Has anyone read Daniel’s Story or is it just me?

Alexis Peacock says:

A Court Of Mist And Fury

Мсье Рэалізм says:

Tell me, please, are all these books written by American authors or are there English and others among them?

Carson Lee says:

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Do you read manga?

Helena Do says:

Where do you put your books that you can’t fit in the bookshelves?

Addison Smith says:

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Sesshomaru092 says:

the Areonauts Windlass and The Wise Mans Fear are so amazing. I love Jim Butcher and Patrick Rothfuss.

JRClevelandBooks says:

I might be biased, but I think you should give my YA book a try. It’s free for a limited time. :)

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