Top 10 BEST SELLING Books In History

Top 10 BEST SELLING Books In History

In this video we’ll try to answer the following questions:
Which are the most sold books ever?
What the most sold book in the world?
How many copies did Harry Potter sold?
Which Harry Potter book sold the most?
Which are the best selling books in the world?
Who is the most sold author of all time?
Which book sold the most copies?
Which book series sold the most?
What the best selling children’s book?

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Ali Qureshi says:

Lord of the rings

Stephan Paris says:

I like The Chronicles of sold 100 billion copies but most burned on Crematoria when the Necromongers landed during sunrise. Bummer

Ralph Phoenix says:

I have at least 5/10 books on this list.
Bible ( took me one year to finish)
Harry Potter ( used to be my favorite book, red it million times)
Davinci Code (all Dan Browns my favorite now)
Lord of the rings(not complete)

fisterklister says:

The Bible is trash

Elkhan Aliev says:

So my conclusion is most people like to live in fictional reality )

Heidi Leinonen says:

Could you please do a show about Christianity in China?

S.O PIENS Samtim says:

Thanks a lot Alux for this video. I was inspired by a best-seller book and wrote my own book. It’s available on Amazon. Here’s the link;

Nonit Reddy says:

Lord of the rings

Rick and Rodney Travel Channel says:

I’m a bit surprised that Diary Of Anne Frank wasn’t on the list.

Prachi Rahate says:

Why there was beep?
I seriously didn’t know most of them.
Will definitely read them.
Thanks alux…. says:

Hello Aluxers, what’s your favorite book series of all time Harry Potter or Lord of The Rings?
What top 10 would you like to see next time?
Join !

parth mehrotra says:

the alchemist is one of the best book

Nandile Rini says:

Harry Potter.

Takyi Kobbie says:

The most difficult job is writing a successful book… Soo many words needed to describe it vividly

hamza imam says:

@alux there are approximately 4 billion copies of the quran (book of islam) sold. You should have mentioned that. Please be accurate with your facts.

Danial Zaini says:

Is there any popular lgbt books

Zé das Batatas says:

Poor Exupery

Geloof Hoop en Liefde says:

Battle Cry by Leon Uris.
If you have been in the army,any army,you will understand.

Harshith Bangera says:

Well, imagine people not buying a book when a sword is at their throat or at gun point. Obviously no. 1.

Cedric Smith says:

I am a Bible fan.

Adolfo says:

Where’s mein kampf?

Gracie Daniels says:

The bible remains undefeated.

Aishwarya Wadkar says:

I am a Harry Potter Movie Fan ..
and Lord of The Rings Book Fan .. also Hobbit

Raphael Boaheng says:

harry porter fan

Cathie Gotuzzo says:

Is interesting that the only holy book in this list is the Bible, that tells me that the God behind is real, as only a real one would have made it possible to reach so many people, instead of having the holy copies for just the heads, but helping any individual to create a relationship with him… Thinking out loud

Takyi Kobbie says:

THINGS Fall Apart is the best book ever

Wadinga Leonard says:

Harry Porter

Nvard Ghazaryan says:

Lord of the rings!

Akshay nikam says:

Always Harry potter

Shelby says:

Okay, so you used just “The Sorcerer’s Stone” for the Harry Potter series ranking, but the entire Lord of the Rings series for their ranking… totally fair.

Verina Flame says:

It makes me curious , the authors that wrote their novels have the right of having the money (dead then I assume family members will have it) but where do the Bible’s money sales go to …

geek chicks says:

Fascinating video can’t wait to pick “the tale of two cities”

xNnjaGoalie1x says:

Glad to see Charles Dickens on here. What is the background music? It’s very relaxing!

Dario Werbowy says:

narnia movie version is bad

Mehboob Haq says:

The Holy Quran is at No. You totally missed best selling book

Yashdeep Singh says:

Harry potter.. is love

Mashrafi Rahman says:

Quran is the best book

Starru Chan says:

I’ve tried reading Harry potter but I can’t stand it. I hate it for absolutely no reason. Just pure hate for no reason.
I have no idea where the hate came from. I read the first few sentences and got bored, just extremely bored. Years later I tried and it was just. Piss poor. Pure hate.

I don’t hate reading. I love the Alchemist. My school library had to buy the rest of Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events, because I begged them to. I’ve been a Level Z reader since the 5th grade.
Harry Potter, I don’t know, was just so slow.

Faheem Islam says:

wait… did you say 2003 and 15 years ago? I thought that was 5 years ago lool

Brandon Sanders says:

Stfu and get to the list

geek chicks says:

The girl at 1:21 is a model and she don’t have a fkin clue what she is doing with those books

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