Top 10 Best Fantasy Books

Need some fantasy book recommendations? Here are my Top 10 Favourite Fantasy Books as of 2018. This is not a definitive list; it’s simply a list of my favourites. If your favourite isn’t on here, I’m sorry, I either have not read it yet or it did not make my top 10 🙂 We can all like different things and that’s okay! There’s enough great fantasy for everyone.

➤Books mentioned:

The Fellowship Of The Ring by J.R.R. Tolkien:

The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien:

Theft Of Swords by Michael J. Sullivan:

Six Of Crows by Leigh Bardugo:

The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson:

The Alloy Of Law by Brandon Sanderson:

The Magicians by Lev Grossman

A Game Of Thrones by George R.R. Martin:

Assassin’s Apprentice by Robin Hobb:

Ship Of Magic by Robin Hobb:

The Way Of Kings by Brandon Sanderson:

Words Of Radiance by Brandon Sanderson:

The Complete Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling:

The Name Of The Wind by Patrick Rothfuss:

The Slow Regard Of Silent Things by Patrick Rothfuss:

Rogues (An Anthology) edited by George R.R. Martin:

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GodHatesEveryoneWhoDoesn'tReadTheBible says:

Have you read The Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind? If so, what did you think of them?

Pseudo-pro Air-cowbeller says:

I think our tastes are in sync so I’m gonna pick up the few I haven’t read yet.

Eve J-M says:

You should read the throne of glass series if u haven’t already

kyungieeeeee says:

Ok I just want to say this right off the bat. THANK YOU AND THANK YOU TO EVERYONE ON THE INTERNET WHO I TRODUCED ME TO THE KINGKILLER CHRONICLES. The way it was described always got me excited even though I’ve never read it before. It is beautifully written, I am in my second reread of the name of the wind. I love kvothe qnd I cant wait for the doors of stone.

Hamzah Mohammed says:

Malayan book of the fallen…you should check it out

Entenluc says:

Nice list.
You musst read my Favorite Fantasy Book/Series: Marion Zimmer Bradley – The Darkover Cycle
and Stephen King – The Dark Tower Cycle

Auralie Yoder says:

I was scared she wasn’t going to include Harry Potter

B B says:

This vid would have 30 views if she’d been born a man.

Thomas Hills says:

Why isn’t “raven’s shadow” on this list!

Cornball says:

Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind
Malazan Book of the Fallen series by Steven Erikson
Fionavar Tapestry by Guy Gabriel Kay

Mario Reischer says:

My absolute favourite fantasy book trilogy is (and always will be) “His Dark Materials” from Philipp Pullman! I read it as a kid long before Harry Potter was a thing and it caugtht me and never let me go. I am 31 years old now and still remember everything in this books! Hope you will give them a chance. I will definitely read your number one and am looking forward to it! =)
And yes, LotR and Harry Potter will also be one of my all time favourites! =)
Hope you’ll pick up “His Dark Materials” and have a good read! =) Greetings from Austria

Lorin Paterson says:

Such a great list! Thank you!

Meow Dog says:

UUUgh! Robin Hobb. His main character literally trips over everything in sight. He can’t walk a strait path without tripping when danger is near. The other thing is that he decides, against everything that everyone tells him and common sense to do things that nearly destroy his life or kill him simply because he “feels it’s the right thing” .. .. “look, there is a dangerous demon in that cave and really nothing in there worth going after.. “I’m going in anyway””.. that is not in the book but the kind of things that happen. I hate when characters create their own problems over and over and over again. look, go after the girl, get the bad guy but a hero who can’t even tie his own shoes is not a hero.

Jared Davis says:

I love the video it gave me a handful of new books to.try out. I highly recommend the moontide quartet. It’s one of my personal favorites and their is actually a sequel quartet the author is working on now called the sunsurge quartet.

Jastarta says:

You should read book series The Old Kingdom by Garth Nix ☺️

NamjoonSaga says:

So happy you spoke about Robin Hobb’s books cause I loved the 1st trilogy… gotta start the next one…

Rbeavs says:

Have you not read Joe Abercrombie?

BanyanTree1 says:

Other top-tier fantasy by female writers, if you’re still looking:
The Deed of Paksennarion (Sheepfarmer’s Daughter, etc) by Elizabeth Moon is perhaps the best ‘military fantasy’ trilogy
The Empire Trilogy (Daughter of the Empire, etc) by Raymond Feist and Jannie Wurtz is the direct sequel to the first Feist trilogy that everyone is recommending and is, in my opinion, better
The Earthsea Trilogy (Wizard of Earthsea, etc) by Ursula K LeGuin, is a straight classic by one of the pillars of the scifi and fantasy genre
The Dragon Chronicles (Dragons of Autumn Twilight, etc) by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman is based in a D&D universe and super entertaining
The Arrows trilogy (Arrows of the Queen, etc) by Mercedes Lackey kicked off a huge fantasy world
The Dragonriders of Pern by Anne McCaffrey is a classic, though it eventually is revealed to have a sci-fi foundation

I also have to give a shout-out to The Book of the New Sun series by Gene Wolfe. Set in a world so far in the future that people have forgotten how to use the technological ruins around them and use it as magic, it was a huge influence on a bunch of other books that copied the premise. But the original is still just bonkers in a good way.

Jay lee says:

Wheel of Time?

bridge4 says:

I’m pretty sure I fell in love with you before you finished speaking about lord of the rings, so I’m struggling to pay attention. But I’ve added 9 and 8 to my wishlist in case they ever go on sale and omg as I’m typing you’re saying mistborn, woot woot!

Team brandon Sanderson!!! :))

Meow Dog says:

What about other excellent female authors.. The king killer chronicles.. I thought it was good but not epic. I would never recommend it to a friend for a first read. Seriously though, my opinion is just mine and many people have many reasons for liking things. I would put female authors I love like Fran Wilde’s “Bone Universe” (seriously, read it!!) or Sabaa Tahir’s “an ember in ashes” on my list of favorites. On good mention also Melissa Marr, “the Arrivals”, and Ann Aguirre ” enclave” , and I cannot believe that you didn’t mention “Anne McCaffree”!!!!!!

Atik Birnes says:

What a great list. I’ve put a few new ‘want to reads’ on my goodread account.
One of my favourite fantasybooks is ‘The Death Gate Cycle’ by Weis & Hickman. A series of 7 books, at first you think they are stand alone stories, but at the end (the last 4 books) it all come out together as one epic fantasy battle.  
And I also love Eddings ‘The Belgariad’, allready mentioned somewhere in the comments

Francesca B says:

Have you read Mercedes Lackey series.

Nando Freire says:

Mistborn in my list would be higher than SOIAF simply because it is already finished and I didn’t have to wait 7 years between books.

Asterllum says:

Im currently on the last volume of the riyria revelations and I got to say Micheal Sullivan really improved his writing. I wasn’t so sure how I was feeling about the crown conspiracy, mainly because it felt kinda rushed and out of 5 main characters only 1 was a female (which is kinda disappointing) but Arista’s arc is amazing and you can see how everything improves his writing style his plot everything and now I’m at the edge of my seat reading.

Zalukan Shazair says:

the name of the wind was so good, I’m happy, that it’s that high on your list:)

Philipp Ciunis says:

I’ve checked out your bookshelf, while you were talking and rothfuss immidiately caught my eye. I was thinking “she couldn’t possibly make a top 10 list, have rothfuss on the shelf and not put it on there!” Then you had the cut to the number 1, and there was a gap. What a silly smile crossed my face, you couldn’t imagine ^^
His writing and storytelling are just marvelous and baffle me everytime i read any of the two main series books, or auri’s side story.

Now a few of my favorites:
Night angle triology – breent weeks (already mentioned in the comments somewhere)
Two correlating series by Richard Schwartz: Askir Saga, and Götterkriege (sry, only know this in german, loosely translates to “war of the gods). they were recently published in thick bundles, brought together into 6 books. Epic high fantasy with a soft magic system (hello future me has two great videos of explaining soft and hard magic systems, in case you are not familliar with the definition), and there are 12 books all together i believe. Also very close to my top favorite read ever, concerning world and character building, as well as group interaction within the main castj.
Joe Abercrombie – First Law series and all of his works set in that world. Dark fantasy with a soft magic system, but only with sporadic instances of magic. Mostly cursing, combat, and one of the most unique and real charcters i’ve ever read about.
Markus Heitz – the dwarves series. Heavy focus on combat, but still very story driven. Started to read this when i was a teen, hits all the nostalgia points ^^
Trudi Caravan – the black magician trioligy
One of my favorite female fantasy authors, also with a female mc (main character). one of the university type stories, where you learn about the magic together with the character, written in a hard magic system. This is targeted towards a teen (rather female) audience i believe, but i’ve come to like it quite alot none the less.
Peter V. Brett – demon cyle series. Also combat focused, with a hard magic system.
Only read the first 4 books, really have to catch up, it’s been a while since i checked. There should be 6 in total by now though. Charater developement and backstory remind me of the name of wind, foetunately in a good way 🙂
Justin Cronin – the pasage trioligy.
Post apocaliptic, great character interaction. No real magic, but some kind of mystic powers play into it once in a while.
J.L.Bourne – day by day armageddon trioligy
Diary by a zomie apokalypse survivor. One of the best tention building ever and the best zombie series out there!
Since i was writing a lot more then initially planned, one last one for everybody that got till the end:
Wo Chi Xi Hong Shi – coiling dragon series
I got into chinese light novels a couple years ago, and this is one of the easiest to start with for readers that are used to western style of fantasy writing. This is a very hard fantasy system, with heavy chinese culture and mythology influences. The mc and everybody else for that matter, cultivate the mind, the body and ultimately the dao to become the stongest in the universe (yes the scales blow out of proportion eventually). These novels are all about character developement and surpassing oneself. Be warned, they are quite over the top from time to time, but for an easy read to get lost into, i haven’t found anything better then this. Hope you kind of get the idea, and if you ever find yourself with nothing to read, just give it a try.
The first book is on amazon for kindle, very cheap as well. The second option is to read this and many others on entirely for free 🙂 you just have to cope to read it on your smartphone or you computer this way ^^
Have a great read everybody, lots of love

Johnny Me says:

There’s some misinformation in this video. For a start, Beowulf is not a fantasy epic. It may be an epic tale with fantasy elements, but it is by no means a fantasy epic as we know them today. It’s a myth, a legend, a story.

The Hobbit is not a prequel. It’s a completely different story in the same world that sets one seed from which Tolkien then nurtures the tree – or rather, the forest that is Lord of the Rings, with its glades and streams, but also it’s barren clearings. Yes, I’m thinking of you Tom f*cking Bombadil.

Mistborn: The Final Empire is a heist novel meshed with epic fantasy. And one character’s intricate scheme to overthrow an empire. Sorry, the empire.

I like Harry Potter, but the best is either the 5th or 6th. I hated the Goblet of Fire.

Your first choice I applaud. And I agree, let’s wait and get the better product.

You made some good choices, and I like your hair. Nice video

Jadie Cakes says:

Lev Grossmans magicians isnt Harry Potter. Its more of a narnia fanfiction in my opinion. Or how narnia would have been if it was consistent. So many things in the book mirror narnia, especially if you have read all the narnia books.

Some of my fave series
1- dragons of pern, anne McCaffrey
2- valdemar, mercedes lackey
3- temeraire, naomie novik
4- daughter of the empire, raymond e fiest and jenny wurts
5- foundation, asimov
6- WOW, various
7- harry potter
8- rain wild chronicles, robin hobb

Guy Martel says:

Read some Dragonlance, great stuff

Eduardo Aguilera says:

i think you forgot about one of the best wizzard series out there, i’m talking bout the dreden files. in my opinion any list without the dresden files is not complete, if you haven’t read them check it out, there’s 14 books and the 15 is comin out soon
its by the author jim butcher

ElskaBa says:

Graceling series would have to be my absolute favourite. Especially the third book Bitterblue

Alee Enn says:

So wait … you list Harry Potter, the worst fantasy book ever written (if you don’t consider it plagiarism) and you don’t list The Belgariad?

Nyarlathotep Flagg says:

I have 3 recommendations for you:
1. The Bartimaeus trilogy(aswell as “the ring of solomon” once you finnish the trilogy)
2. The Necromancer(War of the Necromancer)/Keeper of the Swords/Chronicles of the Rift/Series of Mages(yes, it has a lot of names) series, starts with “Diamond Sword, Wooden Sword.” Sounds a lot cuter than the series is, as a fair warning, a good reviewer judged it to to make Mordor seem as dangerous as a stroll to the kiosk on a friday evening(By Nikolai/Nick Perumov I believe… Or something like that. The guy that expanded a touch upon the Tolkien universe).
Now this is by far the most brutal fantasy I have read, and I’ve read a lot. But it is also one of the very best. The only question is, are you willing to brave that harsh terrain for the rewards?
3. Now this is gonna be an unusual one, and one that many will dismiss. It’s a not quite yet fully translated chinese novel by the name of “The Age of Adepts”. Judge me for recommending it if you will, but give it 2-3 pages first. See if you can tear yourself away afterwards. Now, I will still say, it’s not one I recommend for its romance. It’s not the focus of the series, as makes sense from the basic premise of the story. I recommend it for it’s relatively unique take on it all.

Now I am gonna mention these, as you said nothing of them. But I am sure you’ve at least heard of them, and likely already read them: Wheel of Time, Dragonlance(especialyl the Twin’s trilogy) and ofc Eragon/The Inheritance Cycle.

Christian Salazar says:

Sword of truth series.

Luc Bérubé says:

Try the wheel of time

Nando Freire says:

Hello Iasmina, have you heard of/read Skulduggery Pleasant?

Padoodle Defender says:

Storm light archives is so awesome, the third book is my favourite book so far, all of them are so masterfully done it is beyond words

Gizem Ersoy says:

I knew beforehand thatThe kingkiller chronicles series was your number one because it was on the shelf behind your head throughout the video and vanished just before you announced no1 lolzzz

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