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Some thrillers recs in time for Halloween (or any season lol)

The Good Daughter Spoiler Free Review |

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Bonnie Carron says:

I just have to comment that I love your recommendations. I’ve read many of them, but saw a few I haven’t read. I am subscribing because of that and because I so admire the bookshelves in the background of your video. There’s nothing that I find more distracting than messy bookshelves. Yours are so impressive.

brittany says:

I got the kind worth killing bc of this video. And lemme tell you. AMAZING. maybe a favorite besides “you” I will definitely be listening to your videos more often for good books. Thank you!

Fairytale Bath Co. says:

Thrillers are some of my favorite books. I’ll definitely have to check some of these out! Particularily The Kind Worth Killing.

oh!fortheluvofbooks says:

Famous Last Words is super good and Dangerous Girls was amazing. Your mystery recommendations are everything to me!! Give me mooorrreeee

Nicole Griffin says:

I just finished The Good Daughter and I can’t stop thinking about it. I finished it in a weekend because it was so addicting.

Omar Elgebaily says:

It is the perfect book

JJ says:

Since you recommended a ruth ware book, I’ll recommend “the woman in cabin 10” for you 🙂

Athena says:

Okay. 300 pages book and you said you finished it in one day. Please tell me how?? lol. I really want to finish books that fast! 😀

Gabriela Gallegos Anda says:

I am close to finishing Night Film, I love it! Now I am wondering If I should take a break and go for a faster book or dive into The Good Daughter. English is not my mother tongue so I am afraid I get distracted by too complex stuff, but let’s see. Somehow this is the first video I watch from you and I am conviced by all your recomendations.

Alex Thomas says:

I’ve read most of the books on this list and they are pretty awesome!
Don’t know if you’ve read it or not but Mystic River by Dennis Lehane blew my mind and left me emotionally drained. It’s a bit drawn out in the beginning but it forms such an intense story, it’s gonna be hard to put it down.

Jillian Loves Books says:

I’ve been looking for a psychological thriller that will demand my love as intensely as Night Film did, but it has yet to happen. I’m super intrigued by Stillhouse Lake, In a Dark, Dark Wood, and The Kind Worth Killing. I also LOVED Big Little Lies, which is shocking, because I didn’t think I’d enjoy it, but I really loved how light-hearted the entire premise was–it felt like adult Gossip Girl. I’ll definitely be adding some of these to my TBR.

Zaid Ali Khan says:

Night film was the best suspense thriller book i ever read

ifancy you says:

I usually get really bored when I don’t hear books in familiar with but wow I watched this whole thing fully entertained
I love how you explain them and your personality, love it! About to watch all your videos lol

Rhiannon & Silas Russell says:

Aw, I DNF I Let You Go, now I’m gonna put it back on the TBR…LOL

Mistah Unknown says:

Should we trust the amazon book reviews?

Regina W says:

I am now reading The Kind Worth Killing as per your recommendation!

yoo gyui says:

im from boston, im definitely gonna read her every fear!!

Veronica Zubek says:

Yes, Target rocks with new books. It’s so hard to avoid that isle lol

marengo 151 says:


Zoe F says:

Karin Slaughter is one of my favorite authors check out her Grant County series you will not be disappointed well only in the fact that it ended. You may also want to check out writings from Richard Laymon he’s a horror writer

dont talk to me says:

You should read books by April Henry she writes YA Thrillers and I love them !

Cindy Mooney says:

Thank you so much for doing a video about thrillers and NOT spoiling the entire plot. You are awesome!

The Three Bookshelves says:

Thanks for adult fiction recs, seems they’re hard to find! The Kind Worth Killing sounds right up my alley… you might say it’s the kind worth reading. EH? EH?

I LOVE twisty books and want to read I Let You Go, but as a mother of a little boy I don’t know if my heart could handle it.

mom2triplets04 says:

I loved kind worth killing. Big Little lies my favorite author. I’m reading Pretty Girls by Karen Slaughter right now and she is very brutal and graphic in that book too.

Decipher Code says:

Me too, I’m not into YA books, they tend to withhold details and so unrealistic in way of being not too revelaing…love the adult genre.

Kay K says:

Please do a video on your favorite horror movies! I know you’re a booktuber but so what, DO IT! DO IT!

Sabrinthia Hillen says:

This is the first video of yours Ive watched and I’m so annoyed I didn’t find your channel sooner! lol

Piglet Paw says:

Hi, love your content. Keep it up.

I’m from Indonesia, all the book that you’ve recomend is not available in bookstore Can you tell me how can I get all those book online?

R2 Villa says:

Interesantes recomendaciones y buen video!

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