The Way of The Superior Man by David Deida ► Animated Book Summary – How to Be a Man

Learn how to be a man in this animated book summary of The Way of The Superior Man by David Deida. Book Review and Summary by OnePercentBetter.

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★★★ SUMMARY ★★★

The Way of The Superior Man by David Deida is the bible for men wanting to feel like a man, learn how to be more masculine, and for relationship advice.

Not only does it rank out at number 1 on Real Social Dynamic’s reading list, but I believe it’s required reading for every man on the planet who wants his personal and love life to flourish. Hands down. Strap yourselves in. This is a longer video than usual because it has too many golden nuggets I can’t bare to leave out for you guys.

I’m not just going to blatantly throw information at you and hope they change your life. I’m actually going to share how I integrated this wisdom into my own life and relationships, and how you can too.

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Sloe Bone says:

This book is just a giant excuse for putting up with women’s bad behavior. Passing her tests, deciding what she is really saying, it’s all just BS. By making me pass her tests, she’s failing mine. I’m not here to cater to her craziness.

If she’s going to test you, and try to throw you off your purpose, she can go.

Nameless Espada says:

Fuckin all da bitches!!! Lmfao

Anwar Al Taher says:

awesome stuff man as usual <3


I don’t deny my attraction to women due to any religious or cultural reasons. I deny my attraction to women because I can’t get any women that I’m attracted to. ha ha. suicide anyone?

Віталій Марчук says:

I wanted to buy this book but I’ve changed my mind after this video. Not that the video is bad, quite the opposite – it so well presented the content and the main idea of the book that I realized it’s based on the social order, beliefs and the Victorian kind of relationship between sexes rather than authentical masculine energy. Purpose over all is a good advice though.

Laurance Boyd says:

Im 17 and Have dated several girls. all of my relationships ended badly because I acted like a pussy. I’ve been dating my current girlfriend for a year and our relationship is much healthier and has survived longer because I followed the rule of developing myself instead of worrying about “us.” Still happy 🙂

HowToTop10 says:

The “Purpose before Relationship” part is the most crucial IMO.
We have to find our purpose and work on it, and everything else will come much easier. Because we are not needy, but men who have a journey and keep moving forward.

Otis Teetsmann says:

Problem with this book is it puts way too much onus on men and emphasis on expectations on men while using fairly colourful PC language so as not to offend the mentally unwell trans “community”.

It rambles at length ‘as a man you should be this this and that and do this and make decisions and know what to do’ while it spends maybe two pages on the females responsibility. It reaffirms the faulty idea that men should strive to please women and devote themselves to women while women can lie, change their minds, have no clue, and generally act like spoiled children and as men we should just put up with that.

Enough is enough, its time for men to put themselves first like women have done for eons. Respect yourself, love yourself completely and when you see how valuable you are you won’t want to waste 5 minutes on 90% of the females out there. Why are men always evaluated on their potential to produce while women are evaluated on how highly they scored in the genetic lottery? Why am I seen as a paycheque, a utility, or whatever while her vagina is of immeasurable intrinsic value? The book acts like women should be allowed to ride coattails, make no decisions, not be held accountable and simultaneously be exalted for their physical beauty.

Fuck that book.

Lam rof says:

Post ejaculative non interest is a natural thing. We feel sleepy after we cum, you want to change that somehow? Don’t try to feminize men, please !

S Richards says:

Tally wacker??? Gooch?? Are these correct anatomical or physiological terms??

Esharido says:

Man woman are fucked up with how much shit they test you on.

Mirza Borogovac says:

This book uses a very effective bullshit technique: people tend to like and agree with things that are stated agressively.

If​ I were to say “you should get naked and stand on the roof in the rain” you would say ‘WTF’. But if i were to say “You should tear off your clothes, and stand defiantly on top of the roof, laughing at the elements” than a good number of you would probably do it.

This is why politicians promise to “fight for you” and be “tough on crime”. This is also why everyone wants to help you with “tough love” and can’t wait to give you the “hard truth”

So a lot BS in this book is painfully obvious advice dressed up in macho bullshit. You are saying that I shouldn’t be clingy and I shouldn’t be a doormat in a relationship? Gee whiz Mr Douche, you changed my life and straightened me out. Your hard truths were a shot of testosterone that transformed me from​ cowering wimp into a moustached bare knuckle boxer.

ViralTalk says:

This video is going to be viral…Nice points

CribCricket says:

Wait what? Only if you are a “nice boy who only wants to please her” you shouldn’t cheat on your girlfriend or wife?

Zakariya M says:

Woah woah with did nobody else question why he had a 14 year old girlfriend at age 17

MetalBoots says:

99% horseshit

Animation Playbook says:

You want to create your own animated video? Check my “How to create your animated video” playlist

Scott Cameron says:

I ain’t got time for all this shit. I just concentrate on money.

Make Humanity Great Again says:

*”She wants.. she wants… she… she… she… she”*

Oh the irony. If you read or need to read this book, you’ve already lost the battle. The only thing you should seek in life is to be a better person today than you were yesterday. If a woman isn’t helping you be that (assuming that you’re sincerely putting forth action towards that), then ditch her in a New York minute.

Reading about how not to put a woman first in your life, is already putting women first in your life. You should put your personal integrity first in life. Good luck geezer.

Charismatic says:

Don’t understand point 12. 10% or 80% is good? What is meant by complimentary opposite? Aren’t all the examples listed opposite?

Chakka Boola says:

The Way of the Superior Man is just useless wannabe mastering your life self help crap

60 Second Success says:

Well put together valuable images, great and lengthy advice , and lots of it. I really enjoyed the video, keep up the good content. I know how time consuming lengthy videos like this can be to make, but it will pay off n the end.

Wesley Lavinder says:

Haven’t read this book in a long time — very good summary and a great reminder! Purpose over everything.

Zachary Batson says:

It is not true that women don’t say what the mean. Men do this do. Women and Men alike, if they have integrity around their word and if they expect others to respect their word, you say what you mean, period. I know more women with integrity around their word than those that don’t and expect men to play games and try to mind read. Other points are fantastic though. Love your videos.

Elson Turner says:

this some bullshit

Better Insight says:

Great Video!

Siim Land says:

One of the most fundamental reads for men. Even women should read it just for the ideas on sexual polarity. Just go get the milk, lol

Tommy Miller says:


After Skool says:

Wow. I love this video! Fantastic work!

Lam rof says:

forget Women. This video actually annoyed me its so true. See how our laws are actually treating women like men, eradicating the masculine stabilization from this feminine turmoil. What we got now is screwed up lonely unhappy society. Marriage is down, Families are broken, kids are raised by Women only, men are weak, women are allowed to run crazy, so what is our future?

Hiketo90 says:

I’ve never heard of anyone telling there kids; or mentors telling those who their mentoring, “You shouldn’t be attracted to the opposite sex, that is bad!”

What?? I’m sorry your upbringing was that way. I grew up in a Christian home, and my parents taught me that sex before marriage could wound me emotionally and cause distrust in the relationship, among other reasons.. but NEVER did they say that me being attracted to the opposite sex was bad. I really hope this wasn’t a straw-man tactic ‘OnePercentBetter’. That’s NOT how Christians think. AT ALL. And at the very most that’s NOT what the Bible teaches.

Lam rof says:

This video attempts to teach men to understand Women, Why? Why are men taught to understand irrationality, how could you even understand irrationality? What our fore Fathers did was shut Women up when they act up. That is it, problem solved, everyone was happy and the species survived and thrived.

W A says:

17 year old dating a 14 year old? That’s a bit fuckin desperate dontcha think

Jefferson Sales says:

I can hear the hysterical screams of feminists about this video/book from hundreds of miles.

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