The Millionaire Next Door – Book Review

In this episode I review Thomas Stanley and William Danko’s 1996 best seller ‘The Millionaire Next Door’. I look at the factors they raise and also go into ‘The Millionaire Next Door Formula’ for determining what your wealth ratio is!

Hope you like it!


Mr. Hat in Japan says:

Thanks for the review. I am 29 now, and will just starting to look into investing and financial security. The get as many point cards as possible in Japan is not working so well. They keep breaking my wallets and cost me more than I save…

Joseph Ko says:

If you are 20s & 30s, it’s a MUST READ. If you are 40s, 50s… you are too late.
I benefited greatly from this knowledge. As a result, I am now wealthy (PAW). Thanks to the author sincerely.

Ali Nabizadeh says:

thank you, I like the way u speak ur mind and not holding words

fendermon says:

Outstanding review, thanks. And yes, there IS a lot of unneeded filling in the book.

Claire Rouge says:

I’ve read this book, and some of this is the absolute truth. One of Burger King’s chairmen is a close family friend, he lives in a ~2m House (Which isn’t much for Miami), drives a ~100k Mercedes, and wears normal clothes. If you saw him in the super market, you’d have no idea how wealthy he is.

Almedia Lee Exum says:

Great review. Thanks!

Mikayla Pryor says:

Gosh I was enjoying the video until you said it wouldn’t help if you’re too old. It made me feel bad. I’m 26 and have been taking my financial literacy seriously so thank you for the review anyway.

Menatoorus Menatoor says:

Great reviewer indeed

gloria evangelico says:

You sound canadian

Syed Moris says:

I would say you should read the book, just listening to someoneone say these things doesn’t make so much of a difference, the point is that after reading this book you will be able to drill these things into your mind. After reading this book I would say the book was pretty much only about the importance of saving money, and anectodes actually help you drill this thing in your mind. I have also written a review for this book

I guess I haven’t done it so categorically. I didnt include a lot of things too, I guess.

Kelly Skeete says:

Great Review! Start Early is the best advice for everything except maybe sex lololol. Keep it up!

Alexandre Tunnermann says:

Professions that start with a “Z”: Zoologist, zookeeper, zebra tamer 😀

Skiping the jokes now…

One usually wants to be rich to buy nice things, but to be rich you can´t buy things you don´t need, which usually are the nice things you wanted in the first place. So it is a loop in my opinion…

How can one solve this ridle? Should one just wait until he is old to buy the nice things he once wanted as his younger version? It sounds not so fun though…

Oliver Diaz says:

Excellent review!

George Garner says:

Every thing works best if you start young but most people dont thats why most people want become wealthy haha

Mike H says:

agree, too much filling. makes me not want to finish the book as I already got the meat of it from watching your reviews.

Gregory Cheek says:

Way to go Phil ~ Greg

Jason Miller says:

There are two really great times in your life to begin building wealth. The first is when you are 18 years old. The second one is today.

Billy Bob says:

Why do you feel the need to use so much profanity ? It make me avoid any other videos by you.

SuperDrivenOne says:

Thanks for reviewing! I heard about a book called Start Late Finish Rich that I think may relate to you! I’m 30 and I feel like I could’ve started when I had my first job at 18 but as long as we do it now and forward is all that matters.

Gabriel Pagliarin says:

Really great vid, got a new sub, and thanks for the tips.
I’ll try to use it, cause im 16.

satchel frost says:

This man is a master of deadpan humor

SEO & BackLinks says:

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Rogelio Saladino says:

Thank you..

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