The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying by Marie Kondo – Book Review

The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying by Marie Kondo – Book Review

There are some books which are incredibly powerful, unbelievably influential and truly life changing. And it is these books that become best-sellers & timeless classics. And in my quest to dig out yet another treasure – I bumped into this book, aptly titled “the Japanese Sensation selling 1.5 Million Copies”.

Well – I suppose you do not need any more praise or recommendation for a book than that title – being a 1.5 Million copies best seller.

However, after buying the book and reading through its pages – the thought that came to my mind was…..seriously – what the fuck is all this crap?

The author Marie Kondo as a human being I am pretty sure is an incredible person. I have watched a few videos of her on YouTube and can tell you without a doubt – she looks like a very sweet and genuine individual. But where it comes to being a writer who pens her thoughts on to a book – let me tell you – she sucks at it big time. And by that I mean specifically when it comes to her philosophy where cleanliness, keeping tidy & keeping things in order is concerned – You will start getting the feeling that either she is a Paranoid suffering from Anthropomorphism with hardcore OCD or someone with serious mental & emotional problems.

Let me make you understand why do I land up with such harsh judgements.

Keep your house tidy
Remove whatever you do not need
Throw away whatever doesn’t add value to your life

She goes into extreme detail on identifying and dividing & sub-dividing clothes based on category & subcategories to the point where she 200 pages of repetitive & recurring phrases that give you a headache because it loses its rhyme & reason of being repeated yet again.

She gives too many examples of herself and her clients having the SAME problem over and over again and then the she gives the SAME solution again and then repeats herself with the SAME solution over and over again. Oh yes, and did I mention she also lectures you with the SAME philosophy?

I mean you can read it once. You can read it twice. You can read it three times. But after that – how many more times would you like to read the same thing again and again?

There are some bits in the book that seriously make no sense – like the authors recommendation of getting rid of all your books, then there is one that states where you have to touch your clothes, feel them, kajol them and feel ‘one’ with them and yes, the bit where you have to bow down and worship the house before you enter it. I’m sure this must be a practice in some countries but the author goes all extreme with her nonsense. Oh yes, and did I mention that you should only keep those clothes that “Spark Joy” in your life?

The author also has this ridiculous habit where all your clothes must be thrown on to the floor. And you should pick them up one by one, feel one with them, give them the care, the love and respect the clothing deservesAnd only after you have this kind of pseudo-mental-emotional connection – then and only then you should place it with love, respect and veneration of being placed in its proper place.

My only problem with this approach is – seriously who has time for this shit? In fact one of the lines taken from her book states the following “She insists that you must give your socks room to breathe after they have had a hard day’s work on your feet (after thanking them kindly for their service, of course.)” Look at them carefully. This should be a time for them to rest. Do you really think they can get any rest like that? And it makes your stockings much happier, too.

I mean seriously – do you have time for this crap?

In fact she herself admits in her book where she tells about having to be taken to the hospital via ambulance because of activities tidying up at a client’s house the day before. She claims with seeming pride that she “must be the only patient to ever have ‘too much tidying’ written on her medical record.” I think she missed the vital clue – she suffers from mental & psychological issues and seriously needs to visit a psychiatrist for her current psychological behavior.

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Brian Marshall says:

Yo, Loy… have you ever put up a list of the top 20 most valuable books you’ve ever read?

The ones that were truly life changing or made a huge difference in income, health/nutrition, mental gymnastics or maybe even tranquility?

Lippon choudhury says:

Hey Loy, u r the cutest dad in the world. And u have the blessed child.

Hitesh Kumar says:

You’re hilarious !

kamran usmani says:

hahahah kondom, chakras chakkas hahaha you made my day loy

Hitesh Kumar says:

Sir should I read Self Books like Grant Cardone and Others in General?
I am 18.

Imported Vixen says:

Ha ha ha I’m dying laughing
Loy are you really reading that shite?
The woman just make money using the subjects she like
Good marketing! Same as YOU doing but in different way!

Chuck Spencer says:

Don’t know how I found your channel but this shit is refreshing! Straight with no chaser, applicable information…

Geo Mukkath says:

The message she wants to convey is clear. However speaking to objects really seems going over the bar. The Minimalist approach to decluttering is enough.

Brian Marshall says:

Yes, your personal environment is of major importance. I have let mine get away from me over the years and it is time to purge it. Minimalism is not for me, but I’d be fine with about half the possessions that I currently clean, maintain, care for and manage… and I am currently doing that – at the rate of one dedicated day a week.

After skimming this video, I went and did a quick look at this book and the author. My own verdict is that there is little content of interest or use to me…

Qualifying my books: Check and SKIM the videos and other info on the author online. If it’s still of interest, proceed to the audio book. If that is not available, try Kindle or ?

I only purchase qualified hard copy books these days – those that will very definitely be read SEVERAL times. (ie Ray Dalio…)

22 overflowing bookshelves of mostly reference, business and personal development are more than enough insulation on the walls of this house!

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