The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho ► Animated Book Summary

An animated book summary of The Alchemist by Paul Coelho. Video by OnePercentBetter.

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The Alchemist is a delightful fable in which a shepherd named Santiago travels from his home in spain to the Egyptian desert in search of a treasure. During his travels, he meets a gypsy woman, a king, and an alchemist who help him along the way. Nobody knows what the treasure is, but throughout Santiago’s journey he learns to listen to his heart.

0:13 – SYNOPSIS:
A Brief Overview of The Alchemist

0:50 – LESSON 1:
Recognize The Good Things

1:37 – LESSON 2:
Live In The Present

2:14 – LESSON 3:
Life Is Interesting When You Have A Dream

3:17 – LESSON 4:
Everyone Learns Differently

4:14 – LESSON 5:
Become Better Than You Are

5:06 – LESSON 6:
Follow Your Heart

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Aditi Shankar says:

it’s helpful and it has inspired me too Thanks for such a nice video. Thanks a lot.

mohan gupta says:

great videos……….I like your videos

Toni Mannarino says:

I loved this book when I read it a few years ago. Your video makes me want to read it again with a new understanding. Thanks.

Samwalton85 says:

Someone suggested that book and I couldn’t have found a better video to make go back and tell him what I know about it now. Seriously, thank you!

Light Yagame says:

download the count of monte cristo at cheapest price :-

chefstephen11 says:

thank you so much. I’m in the exciting process of changing the way I think and your videos are helping enormously. I wish you all the best in your venture

Daria Ralnikova says:

Dear Brandon, thank you so much for your videos, I have found them preparing for my English classes. My students adore it, so am I. You are great, please, keep going! I wish Your will come true!

Sheri Lee says:

Love your animations and summary. Thanks!

sumathisunil says:

crisp and clear… keep going… all the best

Yash Keni says:

Wonderful book and awesome review!

Beyoutiful Bock says:

Thank you for posting this animated video about the Alchemist. I have a hard time getting into books and reading them, i used to read a lot and you pinpointing out the main lessons really helped me. Thank you(: See the Good things.

sumanth rocks says:

too good.summarzing the whole context in few minutes. Feels like going through the whole book in few minutes

Jimmy Nguyen says:

I’m on page 13

Khem Lim says:

I just read the book, and it was amazing. It has a good lesson in it. It inspires me to follow my heart. I’m so glad i read it. Do you know any good books to read? I want it to be the same as this type of book. Thanks.

Sheila Alipio says:

Great video. You’re way too cool for your age. May your tribe increase.

K Hum says:

But if you don’t know what your heart wants… … …?

rocking baby girls says:

Nice one….Gives inspiration

Amit Gupta says:

That type of videos will make youtube evergreen.I appreciate your efforts

chefstephen11 says:

thank you so much. I’m in the exciting process of changing the way I think and your videos are helping enormously. I wish you all the best in your venture

raj namdeo says:

can you please make summery of 11 min by paulo coelho

Mohamed Wajeeth says:

Good Job, keep it up!

Muniza Nasir says:

came across your channel few days back and have watched many of your videos since then…..Execllent concept of putting book learnings in such a interesting way ….well done and keep spreading positivity …thumbs ups 🙂

Rayhanna Gertze says:

Thank you from South Africa for doing this video.

Prasad Lemos says:


Iwannadissolve says:

Thanks a lot! A friend of mine suggested to read this, so I typed it up on YouTube and found this. <3

Dean Don says:

Thank you for your energy and time .You are awesome.

Moncy Varghese says:

great message
thanks dear

Dear Near says:

good work. I really appreciate this.

AWatson Music says:

Thank You OPB! Im going to read the book again after watching this video and Illacertus’ video (:
Would you be able to give any advice on starting a book review channel?
I love to read and i think reviewing the books will be good for me personally and for others wanting to look into these type of books. AW


Thanks for this video

Deepanshu Sharma says:

You are doing Great bro my wishes with you…

avnish kumar singh says:

please make summary of ‘the one thing’

Mahendra Patil says:


Srinivasan says:

I’m impressed your animated videos. I’ve thought of reading “The Alchemist” since long time ago. finally you made my day! it’s so crisp and clear.

J.C. Turner says:

Thank you. I believe that there is power in the leassons you shared & I share them in my teaching.

gerardvong says:

Really luv what you are sharing you have provided my desire to constantly learn more

Pro Psychology says:

Awesome content! I just started making animated book reviews today 🙂

Gary Galarrita says:

Love it. Thanks.

May PoolQueen says:

Crazy Fairy Tale, the alchemist in this book, able to make Gold the kitchen.

Azzurro Linoone says:

I think I’m starting to get tired of these drawing videos. I just want to hear the highlight points.

ruchika kaushik says:

thanks Buddy… this was really nice…!!!

Universe with me says:


Juan-Antonio Zuniga says:

Cool video, I like watching your book summaries, keep them coming.

QueenTina says:

I watch your videos.. thank u for summarizing books. It makes me wanna read them more… thank u for this book review too. I didnt understand the alchemist but ill read it again as this is my hint to its figurative languages. Cheers. Hello from the Philippines

Raghunandan Madhav says:

Thank you brother.
I loved the thing that you are watching every comment.
The best youtube channel.

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