The 9 Best Books I Read in 2017

Here are the best books I read (or listened to) in 2017.

Links to all the books:

The Code Book –
Essentialism –
Debt: The First 5,000 Years –
How Not to Be Wrong –
Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future –
Good to Great –
The War of Art –
Kitchen Confidential –
The Big Short –

The other book I mentioned:

The Science of Cooking –

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Other book recommendation videos:

10 Books Every Student Should Read –

My Top 10 Favorite Fiction Books –

Podcast episodes I mentioned:

Essentialism discussion –
War of Art discussion –
Good to Great discussion –
How to boost your online security –

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*I also read the Necronomicon this year, but we won’t talk about that and I really wish the voices would stooooopppppp


Marcos Hernandes Rocha says:


Will Klepinger says:

Hardcover, paperback, audiobook or digital?

Adolin Kholin says: I’ve written some short stories myself for fun , my english might have some vocabulary and grammar issues but i hope you enjoy them thanks in advance for those who will read them

frosty buckets says:

P.s you give Thomas Frank the author of listen liberal a bad name. Thomas Frank the YouTuber is a pathetic neo liberal that should join Alex Jones network

Alexander Dymov says:

“You Are Not So Smart” by David McRaney and “Talking to Crazy” by Mark Goulston were the highlights of 2017 for me.

spiritual life 11:11 666 777 says:

Try metaphysics meditations Descartes

Edmond says:

I just discover this channel and im so glad I did. Greetings from Cananda . GREAT CONTENT

Gary Vaughan says:

McKeown is pronounced the way your buddy pronounced it. Love your videos

TokyoBlue says:

Kitchen Confidential is a great book! I’m going to check out your other recommendations. Thanks!

Hardik Chawla says:

i have been here when you just had 200k subscribes now you just about to hit 1million. kudos to you for your dedication.

José Tomás Figueroa says:


Jacob Gray says:

Thomas, do prefer to read actual paper books? Do you utilize modern day tech such as, audiobooks or digital books on your smart devices more than reading actual books? Why or why not?

Cactus says:

*tries to find a book channel that’s not a raging feminist*


This is my favourite YouTube channel.

Natalie Carroll says:

Is Elon Musk’s bio still on Audible? I can’t find it…

Junior Farias says:

This guy is smart

yobboable says:

That’s a nice T man.

Jackie G says:

You’re hot

Sviatoslav Petrov says:

Thanks! Also, interesting book: The Fourth Industrial Revolution by Klaus Schwab

Louise Nugent says:

Where did you get that amazing and beautiful shirt!?!?!?

Adriana Espinoza says:

Just found your channel
Just fell in love
Just bought 3 books

Lauren McElwain says:

You should read “Sapiens” by Yuval Noah Harari. I just finished it and I can say it is the best book I have ever read. I couldn’t put it down and that is saying a lot considering I hated history all through school. It is very well written and added to my insight of the human existence. Xo

Navneet Ji says:

Nice video bro

Tiger4545RB_YT says:

Most of people dont watch these kind of vids right?Well today i started to do.

Robert Valle says:

I would recommend Grit (The power of passion and perseverance) by Angela Duckworth and a book called The Noticer by Andy Andrews. Both great reads for 2018.

Muhammad Nausherwan says:

Are fiction books good for you or waste of time?

OrisueCrew says:

Will reading these books make me a beast like you?:)

Ctdgf Hopes says:

It’s pronounced Greg Muk-Key-Own

Daniel Bulka says:

fantasyland: how america went haywire

marengo 151 says:


NewBeginner27 says:

Thanks for this video. Definetly will use some of your recommodations. Greetings from Germany.

jackie wong says:

I suggest you to read the book “ fast thinking and slow thinking“. The book “good to be great“ was criticized in this book that there is not such a statistical causality between the identified factors and the success of the companies. ;-))

tahira parveen says:

I think this great, you should do this every year. Thank you

Young Suk says:

Tks, I’ll request my library to buy them

Qurratulain Zaveri says:

More than this we want to read our text book

João Silva says:

Algum Br?

Vedant Naik says:

A book that I started reading in January of this month and has been knocking my socks off is John Yorke’s Into the Woods. As a screenwriter, I want to be able to improve my craft to the level necessary to break into the industry and this book might just be the closest one to doing that. Another book that I found at the tail end of 2017 is the Little White Lies guide to Making your Movie. It is easy to get through with informative and simply explained information on the art of filmmaking and even provides watch-lists for films that you can ingest to gain a better understanding of the different facets of the trade.

Jocelyn Wang says:

I like your shirt! Haha

Mumsiken says:

I m going to get those books.

Mychál Clark says:

This is the book you should have read

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