The 3 Best Books Ever Written on Body Language

These are the top 3 lessons l learned from the best books ever written on body language.

Books included:
– What Every Body Is Saying by Joe Navarro
– The Definitive Book of Body Language by Allan & Barbara Pease
– Lie Detecting 101 by Dr. David Craig


Denise D Cooper says:

You’re so engaging. I watched three of your videos today for my morning inspiration. Thank you.

kevin murphy says:

Joe Navarro needs to be locked up for his crimes he is a dirty cop Covering up his sons Matt Navarro Drunken hit and run on March, 3, 2003 in San Francisco where he hit me in a crosswalk I was in the hosptal for 6 months when I got out I found out Joe used his badge to cover up the crime if I were to die know one would ever know now is this the kind of person to support? He needs to fess up to his crimes and come clean and do the right thing But never will

Quickstrike209 says:


Brandon Johnston says:

Paul, great video. If I may give you a compliment, I am amazed on how well you speak, it appears to be very eloquent, it draws people in. Could you do a video on how to be a better speaker? Also, I notice you have immaculate eye contact when you speak with people, is that a learned trait, or does it come naturally?

nickledangleshivmo says:

Ahhh THANK YOU SO MUCH! I have been looking for good books on body language but was afraid to get something too simplistic or gimmicky. Damn it’s like you read my mind, I’ll check these out!

Justin Sokol says:

Can’t find dr craig book on audible

dendka95 says:

If I would like to read all of them,then witch order you would recommend to have better and easier understanding of this subject?

Justin Sokol says:

Phenomenal video! Have been studying the book “spy the lie” for the last several weeks and it is tremendous in value and talks about deceptive indicators. Had someone today it was important for poker players and cops and I couldn’t believe how crazy that is! Everyone I know has been deceived by family or friends and a bunch burnt badly… how could any other learned information be better? And I’m not even talking about sales. Takes skill to a different level! Am totally obsessed with learning this tremendous set of skills and appreciate the great video which helped me learn a bunch as well as the book reccomendedations. I will read all 3 many times

bainsk8 says:

Good video and great message, thank you. 🙂

pradyuman DUBEY says:

Wow super video thanks

Ngunza Hanja says:

God bless you

The Skylar says:

Your channel is awesome!! new subscriber here.. keep it up mate!

rashidat akindele says:

Thank you so much for the video.

Marat Bakhtygerey says:


Angelo Leão says:

Excellent video! Greetings from Brazil.

Murphsites says:


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