So… do you use the New York Times Bestseller List?

With some recent changes being made to the bestseller list, Rincey wants to know whether or not you actually look at it.

‘New York Times’ Cuts a Range of Bestseller Lists

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Walkinthe Woods says:

Not really. I mean, if someone puts it in front of me, I’ll take a look at it but I have more fun watching book tube and just finding books in used bookstores.

kg Alrashidi says:

I use New York Times bestsellers

diana says:

I do. Whenever I finish a novel I check the NY Times Bestseller’s list right away (and specifically the hardcover fiction list) just to basically see what’s hot & trending, and on occasion something will catch my eye.

Fuck Off says:

As a librarian, I use it. Mostly to get an idea of demand and make sure those books are on the shelves.

Laura Frey says:

I use it for research once in a while: to see how long a book was on there, or to see what other books were popular at the same time. eg i did a deep dive of Jonathan Franzen vs Jennifer Wiener titles once. That was fun. But to choose what to read?? Nah.

edwardsjarje says:

Not really. I tend to go by fellow teachers’ recommendations and what I see at the bookstores. Also, Amazon has been really good at pulling stuff that I might like.

Fiona Hawkins says:

I don’t use the list to find what to read because I have plenty other options in that regard that can be tailored to my interest (Goodreads, book blogs, BookTube, etc.) I tend to notice whether or not what I’m reading is on the list though.

Cristina S says:

Nop. I use your lists. 😉

Sara W says:

I never use it. I only know if a book is on the list if it’s mentioned on the book.

Lauren Rocha says:

I don’t use it and even if a book has the New York Times best seller list sticker its not always a sell for me. I’ve found that the books I’ve loved most have come from recommendations from booktube or friends and family.

mimi nana says:

i don’t because i usually read first publicationsof completely new authors who nobody knows.also i happen to not likeing mainstream literature, i tried it several times, it just doesn’t work for me

finickity reader says:

I’ve never looked at the New York times best sellers. Firstly, they’re mostly Americans and I’m in the UK and read from my own country, but also it’s not a marker of quality or even popularity for me. If they exclude huge swathes of books and formats then it’s not a good indicator of the most read books, and it’s not uncommon for people who do speech-giving to ask for their fee to include purchase of books, thus getting people on the list who don’t deserve it.

If I want a recommendation I’ll usually go to Goodreads.

SavidgeReads says:

I don’t personally. The only chart I tend to look at is in my bookshops. That said, the more book lists the better because who doesn’t love a list of books?

Dani S says:

I glance at the NYT list from time to time, but I wouldn’t say I use it to pick what I read. I’ve always been a haphazard reader. I read whatever I could get my hands on as a kid. No one around me really liked to read so I didn’t get recommendations from people, and this was pre-Internet. Even now that I have access to the online reading community, there still isn’t much rhyme or reason to how I pick books. Every once in a while, I will read a book that seems to be hot with all the book bloggers, but I can’t remember one of those that I really liked. Honestly, I have better luck with the recommendation algorithms on websites like Overdrive and Goodreads.

Jen Greenlees says:

I’ve never used a Bestseller List, be it NY Times or USA Today or another list, to pick out my next book to read. Instead, I look at what my friends are reading (now that we have Goodreads), or at the displays of new books at my library, if I need help deciding on what to read.

Bestseller Lists rarely have books from the genres I most enjoy on them.

I do sometimes LOOK at Bestseller Lists, but only to see if any of “my” authors are on them (and I feel a little thrill if I recognize a book or author as one I’ve read and enjoyed).

Kalanadi says:

I’ve never used it, never really use bestseller lists of any type. I get so many recommendations from other places and tend to read unknown/new authors, backlists, and less popular genres (SF). When I worked in a library, we made the list available to patrons (some used it), but frankly I think most of us forgot about it!

kiya12309 says:

I personally do not read it. I look for recommendations from other people, videos that are about particular genres, best book lists, or award nominees.

SuperStrange Shadow says:

Good video. I don’t trust NY Times Bestseller List at all. Cause some of my books has been stampled NY Times Bestseller and many of those books I have simply hated and wondered how on earth they managed to end up on that list. It seems to easy sometimes.

Bob Collopy says:

It seems like younger people don’t use it. It’s more for an older audience.

Wonderish says:

I don’t use the list and actually am deterred from reading books with their sticker, which is supes book snobby of me. Unless I’m familiar with the author, I typically would check a few reviews on Goodreads before buying a NYT best-seller.
That being said, I’m always ultra happy when I hear someone I love got their book on the list. Like the Bloggess or Hannah Hart. Hmm, maybe memoirs are the exception to my snobbery? lol

HeyHeyBooks says:

I occasionally look at that and similar lists, but don’t really actively read it in order to find books for myself, more just to see what is doing well with the masses. Which isn’t always what I’m interested in!

Christie Brooks says:

Not really I know some of the books have the embossed symbol on it. But I honestly go to Strand or B&N and check out their new in fiction/non-fiction sections to see the hot new releases

Alexis Jones says:

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Tonya Scott says:

I don’t use the list at all. I prefer to get my recommendations from friends or booktubers. I’ve been burnt way too many times to trust it any more.

Edel Waugh says:

I don’t really . I don’t follow to many lists that recommend books that way . I go more by recommendations of people I know and trust and who have similar reading tastes to me .

ChrisVigilante says:

I have never used the list. Don’t really have a reason to. I don’t follow any book lists. I have my own method of finding books I’m interested in.There are many books that were New York Times bestsellers that I didn’t actually like. Some I hated.

Nicole Camacho says:

When a book has NY Bestseller on the top, I’ll admit that catches my eye but it doesn’t necessarily mean I will read the book. But I don’t like the fact that they will be discriminating which books can actually make the list. A good book is a good book regardless of what category it falls under.

RB B says:

I never use the list. Recommendations from you !!! Bookriot, Amazon (which has had some good ones) and my fellow readers in my bookclubs – both physical and online at GoodReads. Also the Read Harder Challenge has given me some great recommendations as well.

Erica Hatch says:

I have never really cared about lists like the NYT bestsellers. I’ve just always been the type of reader that bases my TBR list on recommendations from people that know me and my reading preferences. I won’t pick up a book just because it’s on a list or has won an award.

Bethany Thompson says:

Never!! Goodreads and YouTube are my primary avenues for finding books to read

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