Recent Nonfiction Reads [2018 Reads #2]

In which I talk nonfiction and ditch star reviews.

▶︎ Books Mentioned:
I Am Malala /
Fire & Fury /
Brotopia /
Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics /

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unmanaged mischief says:

I have a bit of hatred for Fire and Fury, if for no other reason than the fact that there were a couple weeks where that’s all people came into the bookstore for, but we had no copies. People were quite angry that they couldn’t get it straight away, and I got very tired of explaining why it wasn’t available and how they could get it. I also heard it was poorly written/edited, so it isn’t one I’d read anyway. I am happy that it made our president angry, so I guess for that reason I’m glad it exists in the world.

itsabasketcase says:

Have you read “the ring” from Koji Suzuki. The movie it’s based on the book, however the book seems to have a lot more story..

ofbooksandtrees says:

Recently read 10% happier and while I liked reading about his journey with meditation/mindfulness, the parts where the main focus was him and his career etc. weren’t really that interesting to me (had no idea who he was before going in, + his line of work isn’t something that interests me.)
Maybe I should have gone for meditation for fidgety sceptics instead..? oh well, maybe I’ll give it a try later on. (mostly got 10% happier because Wiebke (1book1review) talked about it and while I wasn’t sure it would be for me, finding it for just 99cents made me want to buy/read is anyways.)

Patrice Jones says:

I read Donna Brazil’s book called Hacks. That was enough political stuff to last me for a long while. I couldn’t even rate it. I was flabbergasted. I will pass on Fire and Fury. Nice review, though.

Cindy Bohn says:

I am currently reading The Song of the Dodo by David Quammen. It’s a few years old, but it’s a fascinating look at island biodiversity and why it matters!

Gabe Karl says:

i like your new format, I never knew you had Fire and Fury on audible, I did the same thing, used a credit to get the book

Super Pao says:

Currently reading The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. It literally has my jaw dropping open in almost every chapter.

Jean Bookishthoughts says:

I couldn’t agree more about the style of I Am Malala, you articulated one of the things I thought was so well done about it.

1book1review says:

Isn’t it the worst when life starts to resemble a soap opera? I mean how do you deal with facts in that kind of environment.

The Novel Sanctuary says:

Yay for being ahead of reading schedule! And I am super here for just following your reading moods.

Jeffrey Grissom says:

Awesome video

splitreads says:

I loved this video! I liked hearing what you had to say about Fire and Fury (I definitely did not purchase it and got it from the library for these reasons haha) and I Am Malala too. I finally put Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics on hold on audio. I need more Dan Harris in my life

Don Nolte says:

I just finished reading “Resistance” by Agnes Humbert. It is kind of a journal that covers a five year span (194–1945). Agnes was in one of the first cells formed when Germany invaded France. Her group was betrayed early on which isn’t giving anything away since you can find that by reading almost any description or review of the book. The author inserts humor when there isn;t much that is funny and still manages to remain calm. I read this after watching an interview of an actress that was in the tv series “X Company”. Evelyne Brochu was told to read this book in preparing for her role as a spy for Canada during World War Two.

frannie for thoughts says:

I’ve been having a slow reading year as well but I’m glad to say I’m truly enjoy what little I have been reading and I couldn’t be happier :3
I’ve also been in a non fiction mood lately! I’m in the middle of A young doctor’s notebook and When breath becomes air and I’m loving them both so far!
I am Malala sounds like something I should check out!

chboskyy says:

So interesting to hear your thoughts on Fire and Fury! I’m maybe more intrigued to read it now, so maybe I’ll get it on audiobook when I’ve finished my current ones. Brotopia also sounds really interesting, I’d not heard of it before so thanks for bringing it to my attention!

R.V. Chua says:

Need to look for that Dan Harris book

The Bookish Land says:

I am so intersted in Brotopia after watching this video XD This year my nonfiction reads mainly focused on feminisn, and I think Brotopia will be something new to learn, hopefully I can find some positive information in the book for the companies I support XD And thanks for sharing your thoughts on Fire and Fury! I am so curious about the book, I heard about it all the time but didn’t know what it’s really about.

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