“PUBLISHED.” Book Review

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“PUBLISHED.” Book Review

As you know, I’m planning on launching a new book later this year and I’m planning to do it by self-publishing it. During this pre-launch period, I’m reading a lot of books about self-publishing and I decided to read PUBLISHED. which I thought was a really good choice.

Here is the book description, extracted from Amazon:
“Are you tired of trying time and time again to successfully, write, market, and publish a book and not being successful? Are you looking for a map that will take you from blank page to published author as quick as possible? In this conversational and action-oriented book, Chandler Bolt presents a simple solution to the writing, marketing, and publishing process through a tried, tested, and proven book launch formula: The SPS 90-Day Way. In Published. you will find: -A step-by-step guide for the entire writing process -Four different book marketing and publishing methods that will best fit your personal situation -Inspirational Interludes from various best-selling authors around the world -Best-Selling Author Tips to ensure nothing slips through the cracks -A fresh, new mindset towards authorship paired with the foundation to make real life changes Published. brings to light one of Chandler’s largest core values: providing people with the ability to choose unlimited possibilities for their life, no matter their dreams. Published. equips readers with the key to unlock the story that has been burning inside them, calling them to share their wisdom with the world. Published. turns writers into authors. Don’t wait. Read this book and unlock the benefits of being an author today.”

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ronP __ says:

hey John,
just M.H.O., pre-roll commercials, Fucking Brilliant! 30 seconds~ maybe 10 max is better? Even better don’t use your own voice over and run your SP intro right after it and most won’t even notice it’s a sponsor?

cheers brother!!!

Programming says:

Not related but:

Back then (2010) the app store was booming and a hotspot. Is there anything left to milk and when do you think the app store in general will have less creators?

@Simple Programmer

ReVitellect says:

Just bought this book Thanks for sharing it 🙂

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