“Pre-Suasion: A Revolutionary Way to Influence and Persuade” Book Review

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“Pre-Suasion: A Revolutionary Way to Influence and Persuade” Book Review

Pre-Suasion is that book you need to read if you want to become a more influent people. And shame on you if you think that you, as a developer, shouldn’t be aware of this.

There are a lot of things that you, as a programmer, can learn from this book. Learning how to become more influent and improving your persuasion skills will definitely make a boost on your career, especially when it comes to leading a team, negotiating your salary, etc.

Pre-Suasion is a good book indeed. Here is the book description extracted from Amazon:
“The author of the legendary bestseller Influence, social psychologist Robert Cialdini shines a light on effective persuasion and reveals that the secret doesn’t lie in the message itself, but in the key moment before that message is delivered.

What separates effective communicators from truly successful persuaders? Using the same combination of rigorous scientific research and accessibility that made his Influence an iconic bestseller, Robert Cialdini explains how to capitalize on the essential window of time before you deliver an important message. This “privileged moment for change” prepares people to be receptive to a message before they experience it. Optimal persuasion is achieved only through optimal pre-suasion. In other words, to change “minds” a pre-suader must also change “states of mind.”

His first solo work in over thirty years, Cialdini’s Pre-Suasion draws on his extensive experience as the most cited social psychologist of our time and explains the techniques a person should implement to become a master persuader. Altering a listener’s attitudes, beliefs, or experiences isn’t necessary, says Cialdini-all that’s required is for a communicator to redirect the audience’s focus of attention before a relevant action.

From studies on advertising imagery to treating opiate addiction, from the annual letters of Berkshire Hathaway to the annals of history, Cialdini draws on an array of studies and narratives to outline the specific techniques you can use on online marketing campaigns and even effective wartime propaganda. He illustrates how the artful diversion of attention leads to successful pre-suasion and gets your targeted audience primed and ready to say, “Yes.””

Wanna know more about this book? Watch this video and find out!

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MrCat says:

wtf dude, how are you that fit and have a weird pot belly

JonathanAnon says:

I think you’re bang on with the review. I think what Cialdini should have done was just write an updated version of Influence, with the sixth principle added. Do you have any other books similar to Influence that build on the original book?

Andy Gomez says:

love your book reviews, I was think about buying this book but now I won’t!

Aurelian Spodarec says:

Yes John, you are right. Media shows and focuses on one thing. I saw that they focus on Trump 24/7, while on Hillary none lol even though Trump LOL

Just as an example 😀


Will Episode on Competitive Programming ever going to happen, John, I am really looking forward to hearing your thoughts, suggestions on how to excel in Competitive Programming.

Izabella Szlachetka says:

You’re a great YouTuber! 🙂

Rocket33r says:

It seems hard to disprove that willpower is finite. Not that I am arguing strongly one way or another, but it would seem intuitive that everybody would have a breaking point at which they no longer had willpower, at least under extreme conditions such as torture for example. Though that being said, it does seem conceivable that under normal conditions a lot of people would have enough or could develop enough willpower to keep on going in tough situations if they wanted it enough.
Out of interest, which study are you referring to that disproved the finite willpower theory? Would you still recommend reading the book ‘Willpower: ? Have you red ‘The Willpower Instinct’? Is it just more of the same?
I think that regardless of whether willpower is finite or not, it is still valuable to understand factors that might make it harder for you to achieve your goals, such as distractions from social media etc. In the long run this will affect your burnout rate, as well as your happiness levels.

Aurelian Spodarec says:

John, get FBI shirt, a bigger belt with shiny locker, and possibly glasses.

Ed R says:

How do you understand a book at 3x ? Like seriously, I cant manage to really understand at 2x, 3x just seems to be imposible to keep up.

DetErFaktisk HaritSoppaY says:


I haven’t read Influence or Pre-Suasion. Should I buy Influence first or maybe get both?


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