Perennial Seller by Ryan Holiday ► Book Summary

Learn the art of making and marketing work that lasts in this animated book summary of Perennial Seller by Ryan Holiday.

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[0:15] LESSON 1: Get Niche
[0:52] LESSON 2: Build the Best Damn Product Possible
[1:12] LESSON 3: Only One Thing Matters…
[1:36] LESSON 4: The 3 B’s
[2:20] LESSON 5: Nobody Cares…
[2:47] LESSON 6: Get an Outside Voice
[3:03] LESSON 7: Test, Test, Test
[3:40] LESSON 8: Give Something Away For Free
[4:01] LESSON 9: Traditional PR is Undervalued
[4:32] LESSON 10: Create Your Own Platform


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Jayson Liang says:

I subscribed to save me a shit ton of reading

ciara nelson says:

1) See a different perspective on some of the books I have read.
2) Learn about new books
3) Love your accent
4) Knowledge is power!

ViralTalk says:

Personality Bruuh ,Would love to see some vlogs here and there or maybe a new Channel for Vlogs 😉

muzammil basha says:

Hi Ryan, I congratulate you first for making my life easier. Can you tell something about reality Transurfing.

Reynold Fields says:

Привет. У тебя классный канал. Приглашаю тебя в партнерку – договор на один месяц, ставка от 20/80 до 10/90, персональный менеджер каналу, 2 больших библиотеки лицензионной музыки для озвучки видеороликов , VidIQ PRO для продвижения канала и много других полезностей.

Practical Psychology says:

Thanks for the free promotion Brandon <3, and yeah; I've been thinking between two strategies of growth for the next couple months -
1) Plan out 3-4 months of content and create it now
2) Create new videos as fast as possible and use feedback to make each new video better

I'm going with #2 for a while, as many people do #1, and we will see how that works 😀

Educate Society says:

1. Niche 0:17
2. Best product 0:56
3. Word of mouth 1:16
4. Bold and brave 1:38
5. Nobody cares 2:24
6. Outside opinion 2:48
7. Test 3:05
8. Give for free 3:41
9. PR 4:03
10. Platform 4:34

Pinnacle Of Man TM says:

Just got done reading this! Fantastic review!

auskott says:

I like the book reviews so I can determine whether or not they worth my time reading them.

Boost Your Brain says:

Niche I feel is very important. Nice video!

Black Screen Education says:

Best product is build with testing and feedback (outside opinion). I watch your videos because they are easy to follow and understand, they save me time and also I like the animation style.

Siim Land says:

Your voice is different – are you on psychedelics?

Bharat Jyoti says:

I like the content in your channel especially the book summary videos.

Run For Millionaire says:

Eeeey, Welcome back Brandon :), long time no see

PositiveHassan says:

Great video bro


1,2,3 for all

Andrés BF says:


ARCHY says:

Do you read every book or you listen some of them?

Jakob mödling says:


Jqxcb says:

2 i would like to learn more and improve.

Gibran Saliba says:

I learn a lot from you

The Stoic Body says:

Niching down is hard if I want to be true to myself and my ADD-like interests haha. Great video so far. I’ve been meaning to read this. I think as I grow faster and faster it’s more important to focus on doing it right.

J Miller says:

Yours is one of my favorite channels, I enjoy your upbeat attitude along with your clear and concise summaries. Because I’m a visual learner (thanks for the outlines), your vids help me decide what books to purchase or borrow from the library. How about addressing assertiveness and personal responsibility/ empowerment, which is one of the points here, ‘no one cares’. Thanks again, keep up the great work!

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