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finickity reader says:

Surely most of the places that are illegal to visit are only that way because they’re private property? If so, maybe try finding the person who can give you permission and e-mailing or phoning them to get permission to film. If they refuse, you haven’t lost anything, right?

Dil Ramadhani says:

My favourite Non-fiction mostly written by Malcolm Gladwell (Outliers: The Story of Success, Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking)

mmikaylaambrose says:

Girl Interrupted seems pretty interesting. Very tempted to buy it, though I don’t know how different mental institutions will compare in history (UK & US).

Rita H. says:

Love your book recommendations! If you need any more inspiration, I have also recently uploaded non-fiction book list :))

secretaryandactress says:

I only read non-fiction now for the last bunch of years.  I get on a subject and read everything I can get my hands on, one topic at a time, from murder cases to religion. Right now I’m reading about WWII.  I could read for the rest of my life and never finish from all the biographies out there to pure historical accounts.  I am now reading ‘Hunting Eichmann’ by Neal Bascomb. Very exciting. And now of course the film just opened about the Eichmann case. The many stories of how people survived the war, hiding in the woods, barns, holes in the ground and even one family lived inside a tree trunk; ‘Beyond Trochenbrod’ by Betty Gold, ‘Night’ by Elie Wiesel is a classic; stories about people working with the Partisans. The partisans were so effective in the war that the Nazi’s took them as a very serious threat. ‘Hell Before Their Very Eyes’ by John McManus about the moment of liberation of 7 different concentration camps in 1945. All excellent reads. I also watch survivors’ account on TedX Talks.  Thanks for the YT channel.

Katie Ziegler says:

I’m kinda late to the comment party on this one, but I wanted to mention that Bill Bryson is one of my all-time fav non-fiction writers. I’ve read almost everything by him (I couldn’t get through A Short History of Nearly Everything, but I’ll probably give it a go again sometime). I liked A Walk in the Woods a lot, but probably my favorite travel novel by him is Notes From a Small Island (and there’s a follow up coming out this fall!). And my favorite sort of general interest book by him is Mother Tongue, which is about the English language, and it’s just so excellent. Love your channel, btw. 🙂

Eclectic Reader says:

Bill Bryson’s “Dictionary for Writers and Editors” is very good.

DDay12G says:

‘Girl, Interrupted’ is a fantastic book! Definitely one of my favourites and the movie is great 🙂 very interesting and raw

JessReads says:

I LOVED Walk in the Woods – it is going to be a movie!
I read TONS of travel books – my recommendations: We’ll Always Have Paris by: Jennifer Coburn; Wild: From Lost to Found by: Cheryl Strayed; Almost French by: Sarah Turnbull

secretaryandactress says:

I have to put in one neg.  I didn’t enjoy Eat, Pray, Love, I don’t even think I finished it, I was bored.  Comments?

hikkipedia says:

I can’t believe I haven’t read Girl Interrupted oh my GOD. Please read Undress Me in the Temple of Heaven, it’s non-fiction about travel and related to psychology 😀

Night Reader says:

Thank you for the reviews on the books. I just ordered Lucky and Girl Interrupted from Thrift Books. These books sound like great reads from your review.

Sarah Reinelt says:

Lucky was so good!

marthabookdragon says:

A Walk in the Woods is one of my absolute favourites – definitely want to check out Quiet now you have recommended 🙂

Natalie Zukka says:

@ChapterStackss Nonfiction , I want to recommend: Creepy Crawls A Horror Fiend’s Travel Guide , by Leon Marcelo.

storiesofwonderland / says:

Thank you for the recommendations! I only recently got interested in non-fiction so I found your video when searching. I just got Quiet from the library and I’m really interesting to see if I like non-fiction and if I like the book.

Elizabeth Barclay says:

Thank you, thank you, thank you for being the only person that I’ve seen since I finding Booktube over nine months ago to recommend nonfiction. I’m certain that more videos like this exist, but there seems to be an overwhelming amount of YA/paranormal/fantasy being talked about, which is perfectly fine. But I’ve always felt like I could never really engage in the community because 90% of the books I read are nonfiction and I don’t care for most young adult books or the fantasy genre at all. In no way am I intending to talk down about people who enjoy those kinds of books (just like I don’t take it personally when people aren’t interested in medical memoirs or whatever), it just feels very refreshing to hear someone talk about the types of books that I hold dear. You’ve definitely got a new subscriber on your hands!

Putri TD says:

I was just checking out my MBTI type and bumping up to YT to search a recommended nonfic books, and VOILA! you came up showing the “Quiet”! SUCH A HAPPY COINCIDENCE :O

Punkydory says:

I’m a psych major too, and I love mental health memoirs.  You should try Madness by Marya Hornbacher, and one great one about OCD is  Devil in the Details: Scenes from an Obsessive Girlhood by Jennifer Traig.  Thanks for the great recommendations 🙂

GHBooks says:

It’s great to see some non YA content on BookTube, especially non-fiction. I’m gonna have to check out some of those books, especially Quiet. I’m definitely an introvert but I don’t know if I would consider myself an outgoing one or not. Maybe I’ll pick it up on Audible. 

I have a channel where I review mostly non-fiction books, though judging by your selection I don’t think most of what I review would be up your alley.

Poetic_Butterfly13 says:

I know a lot of people don’t really care for non-fiction but I really enjoy a good non-fiction book when I do pick up one. I really just love to learn about things that I had no idea about before.

FrailRouge says:

Being a psych major, you mentioned icepick to the eye and my immediate thought was, transorbital labotomy! Mental institutions from back then are definitely terrifying and interesting to read about.

Craig Snyder says:

I have”Quiet”  Have not started to read it.  Want to soon.  Is it a good book?

falonwillow says:

“being around people for 4 days, take an ice pick to the eye” BIIIG MOOD

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