My Top 5 Thrillers

My Top 5 Thrillers or crime novels.

Books Mentioned:

Gone Girl :

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo :

Stranger Child :

The Husband’s Secret :

Just What Kind of Mother Are You :

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Siddhant Balpande says:

I would read these ones you recommended …Why didn’t you include The Girl On The Train because that’s what got me into thrillers ….Anyway Great Job ! Keep doing the good work

Different Creature says:

You by Caroline Kepnes.

Jessica Watson says:

Love thrillers and not read any of these.

Bruno Santos says:

Awesome selection.

Sachin Chauhan says:

how boring you are

Sophie Melissa says:

Damn, I’ve read all of these! great taste in books 😀

Nonkululeko Phungula says:

SPOILER ALERT: Just What Kind of Mother are You was a HUGE let down. The police were utterly useless, the ending was lame, unexpected but LAME! LAME!

jaskaran sandhu says:

My favourite is “The devotion of suspect X” by keigo is one of the best thriller and crime genre novel i had ever read.

Jo Han says:

Just finished Girl With The Dragon Tattoo! Never thought I would love thriller books! This is the start to my obsessions to thriller books I bet. Gonna read the other two!

Rashmi Prashant says:

You talk like a strict teacher :¢

Anne Torres says:

I LOVED the husbands secret! Would recommend

Gloria Ț says:

I want to read ”Just what kind of mother are you?”, but unfortunatelly I can’t find it in my country and there seems to be no pdf files on the net.. could you help me pretty please with a link of the ebook ? ^^

u2quick1 says:

why are all the books main characters about women……idk it seems kinda one sided a little bit

sky fire says:

Sharp objects

Michael Short says:

Stieg larsson’s first name is pronounced “Steeg” 🙂

Sweet Home Alabama says:

I actually want to write a book. It’s a thriller, and my writing skills aren’t good enough yet. And I’m too young….(12)

Claudia Cordova Valdivia says:

The best crime/ psychological/ psychiatric thriller for me is Tell Me Your Dreams by Sydney Sheldon. Ive read it 4 times. Totally recommend

Brant Frans says:

Her accent is so cute.

KookyKasiaReads says:

I need to read a gillian flynn novel!!


i want to read THE FIRM by JOHN GRISHAM

Harshul Makim says:

Hello. I recently published a short crime thriller on Amazon called The Defense. I would love to send you a copy of my work for you to review on Amazon as well as your channel. If interested please email me at

Ashley Zieman says:

It’s pronunciation is Steeeg larsson, I’m not ten times the person you are, just swedish 🙂

Swayambhoo Manu says:

hello ma’am. Both your accent and books recommendations were brilliant . And i loved the way you said Slash ,slash …….
I’ve only recently started enjoying psychotic thrillers but will have to confess that i’ve watched the movie gone girl . would it be nice to read the book now ? And anybody else who has done this,would you recommend me to do so?

Heather Smey says:

i loved the husband secret.

Bookem Christy says:

I swear there is a movie based off of stranger child. Does this girl take the baby from her drunk mother. Then bring this baby to her x boyfriend mothers house claiming it is his?

brittany dummett says:

Favourite genre in movies too x

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