In this video, I review Jordan Peterson’s newest best selling book 12 Rules For Life: An Antidote to chaos. Hope you enjoy the video; if you have questions feel free to leave them in the comments. -Mike


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Language Maitre says:

At first when Jordan Peterson was talking about religion in his book I didn’t understand the direction that he was going in. But when it came down to responsibility.. it all made sense. Even an atheist can get something from his chapters that involves religion. Because it’s used more on a metaphorical sense. Great video.

Albi Kociu says:

Almost finished with reading The Power Of Meaning. I got a few good things out of it. Namely, the stuff about transcendence and storytelling.

I will definitely check out JP’s book at some point this year. You put me on him Mike, and I spent a few weeks consuming a lot of his content. Definitely very helpful stuff. Looking forward to reading the book.


Really love this vid right here man,so many people are afraid to set goals,but they forget the point of goal aren’t to achieve them but how your willing to change and learn in order to accomplish those goals.once that’s done accomplishing or failing at the goal you set is less important.
can you do a book review segment and call it SUMMERY SUNDAYS. I’ve been reading THE POWER OF NOW BY ECKART TOLLE,it’s really insightful but I’d recommend the audio more than the book IMO

Miguel Gomes says:

Would be awesome to see what books(fitness related) were essential, for you to gain the knowledge you have today 😉

Trydar Durakhar says:

mike I dont know if you read comments but if you want some more practical life lessons from the scripture then ill paste my cliff notes from the book of proverbs for you, its basically gods advice on how to live your day to day, and a good bit of it is about learning to use words in the right way and gain widsom:

Right Use of Words
• Words that help and encourage
• Words that express wisdom
• Words that are few
• Words that are fitting (kind, pleasant, appropriate)
• Words that are true
• Words that are carefully chosen

Wrong Use of Words
• Lying
• Slandering
• Gossiping
• Constant Talking
• False Witnessing
• Mocking
• Harsh Talking (perverse, evil, sly words)
• Boasting
• Quarreling
• Deceiving
• Flattering
• Ignorant or Foolish Words

The Wise
• Listen to instruction Prov 1:5
• Obey what they hear Prov 10:8
• Store up what they learn Prov 10:14
• Win others to the Lord Prov 11:30
• Flee from sin Prov 14:16
• Watch their tongue Prov 16:23
• Are diligent in their daily work Prov 10:5

also proverbs conveniently has 31 chapters, so its highly suitable to take 1 chapter a day and read it as part of your morning ritual, and rinse/repeat as the months roll by.

terry hau says:

i love the job you did for jaime staples and his brother matt; jamie looks good; matt looks abit bloated…!?(ps: how much did you get paid for that job?….abit personal i know…$10k??)….sry nosey parker…!

Amos Pan says:


Lexes O'Hara says:

Definitely want more book reviews!

Commander Keen says:

Wow, watching your video is like watching myself in the mirror talking about JBP or someone recorded me talking about JBP to my friends…my gf is quite annoyed by now 😀 But the ideas and concepts are so profound, every time it blows my mind! Haven´t watched vids form you in a loooong time, but this made me want to watch them more.

Hippocratic Oaf says:

I’ve been critical of Jordan Peterson for not going far enough like Tom Woods, Hans Hermann Hoppe or Stefan Molyneux. But then I see normies get somewhat red-pilled. Maybe JP is a pink pill – a tiny gateway to the Matrix we live in now. Is it too big a leap to go from JP to Oswald Spengler. Probably, but this civilization is out of time.

Marilyn Barker says:

Awesome! Thank you!! You admire JBP as I do….justifiably so! Excellent review…. great job!!

Katelin Simons says:

Love this. Adding to my reading list. Glad you’re grappling with religion still and that JP was able to give merit to what you’ve struggled with for years. God is working in you—I just know it 🙂

Joseph Perron says:

Why does mike have such poor subscriber to view ratio? His videos are really good

mtklima says:

Sorry, mate. Dont quit your day job.

Kyle Morris says:

What’s your goal?

Nelda Castillo says:

Thank you so much I’m definitely going to check this book out!

Sparklybright101 says:

More book reviews Mike! I loved this! ❤️

Geo Man says:

Jordan Peterson’s thoughts are inspirational. Many real truths are spoken. The only downfall is when he refers to his christian beliefs which are simply fairytales elaborated over time by people associated with agendas geared towards social order and power struggles. There is no need to evidence his thoughts with fairytales, they hold truth on their own as any person with a balanced mindset can see that his points hold great validity.The smartest people that i know are agnostic. They just dont know and continue to search the meaning and existence of life because there is no definitive answer. Those that take any certain position of how and why we became into existence to form a meaning for our existence such as scientists and religious fundamentalists are purely kidding themselves and in my opinion, a narcissistic attitude.

Jackie Pearce - WritersLiftToo says:

I can’t wait to read this book it’s been on my list since it came out. Thanks, Mike!

Strengthesthetics says:

8:10 struck me. Just yesterday I realized i’ve been doing this in my relatiosnhip…I thought I was doing the right thing by journaling my thoughts,instead of talking about them

Scott Hedley says:

4:34 A great example of what things mean to us is money. I think people are relunctant to disclose their income to others because they’ll be judged based on what that value means to them.

Mike Vacanti says:

Free JP Content (start here):


Meetinder Gill says:

Glad you slayed the dragon and rescued your father i.e. made the video 🙂

Cristi Vlad says:

Did you read from the bible?

Alex Franco says:

Hey mike great video- question though.. I feel like a lot of Jordan’s lectures go over my head..any tips on how to understand what he’s talking about?

Aaron says:

some people say jp rambles on on some of the rules although that may be the case i love that

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