I ONLY READ BOOKS ON THE NYT BESTSELLER LIST FOR A WEEK! Hi guys, this is my first WEEKLY READING VLOG! I’m so excited to be doing these weekly now! This week I read books on the New York Times Bestsellers list! I also saw The Hate U Give! I really liked the books I did read, let me know what you read recently! Thanks for watching:

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Pucksandpaperbacks says:

yall can bring donuts into the theater?? Damn I wish I could do that!! Also you got so lucky that What If It’s Us made the NYT Best Seller List haha. This video is so creative!! Can’t wait to see the THUG movie. I’m definitely going to see it next weekend.

Kitkatscanread says:

Please do more weekly vlogs. This was so good to watch. I just got what if it’s us! Xx

Emma L. says:

**Rhys still stares at me**

Also so cool that you won tickets to an early screening of Thug. Why is Europe (well Netherlands) always soooo late with their diverse films. Like FOUR MONTHS LATER.

THAT WINNIE THE POOH PILLOW. NEEEEEEED IT! Also your what if it’s us unboxing reaction was waaaay to adorable. Also my heart broke when the tab thingy broke off.

Why is editing Kevin so sassy? I’m all here for it though.

HustleSZN says:

“i’m a liar” – same. hahaa also good luck with the new format, i’m excited to see what kind of themes or goals you make

Readingshadow Wolf says:

I love your videos ❤️☺️

Jasmine says:

I love this idea!!

Emma L. says:

Apparently books can sound interesting even though we have no clue what’s it about. Like seriously some books just give off that vibe that it’s a book for you, ya know (or am I the only one). Alsoooo this is so interesting and creative. Like weekly vlogs with a theme are yes.

Jay G says:


Kindred Scribbler says:

I’m currently listening to What If It’s Us and I love it so much! Both of the narrators have awesome voices.

Emma L. says:

YAAAAASSSS TO MEETING BECKY & ADAM. Also beds are simply just the best.

**apparently I was really feeling like leaving soooo many comments**

Emma L. says:

YAAAAAASSSS DEAR EVAN HANSEN IS BAE. I love how the title of what if it’s us is influenced by dear Evan hansen

Carla Davila says:

Yes, more reading vlogs!!!!

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