FAVORITE BOOKS OF 2018 || Best books I’ve read!


And here are the shining stars, the highlights, the best books I read this year. It’s seriously been a great reading year, I can’t wait to see what books 2019 brings!

Until Next Year!
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xoxo ~Naya

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Cali morgan says:

I love your book tube channel.I may love your natural hair more❤️❤️

Create Wealth says:

your energy is contagious

riph ro says:

First video I saw from you and I have to say that your excited way of talking puts me off a bit, I like watching book videos in the evening when I relax, and this is too much for me.

clo mintsa says:

one of my favourite was “a very large expanse of sea” by Tahereh Mafi

Serenity Johnson says:

Wat wait wait wait wait… Are you one of the actors from Charmed?!?! Haven’t watched it cause can’t find episode 1, but I want to. Although I could have sworn I saw you on a commercial advertisement for it?

Shoug A. says:

but why are you screaming?

Emily Deishlet says:

Restore me wasn’t on here

Sweet Gacha says:

I’m watching this in 2019!!!!!!

Acupoftee says:

I don’t even like to read but this video was on my recommendation page and after watching I’m going to put reading books on my new years resolutions list

Wolfie Ally says:

I have had this huge reading slump lately and I was hoping you could make a video on tips to get out of reading slumps or how to read more, that would be great.

chsm29 says:

This is my first time watching you and I instantly subscribed after you presented the first book!!! love your personality!! ❤️❤️

andrea rodriguez says:

Mine are
The cruel prince
The unbecoming of Mara Dyer
Clockwork princess
A court of mist and fury
Anna and the French kiss
I loved all these books!!

Amanda Whittington says:

This is the first video I’ve ever watched of yours and your energy is so wonderful! I love it!!

Ifesi Akahara says:

the hating game sounds like the netflix movie “set it up”

Stagey Bookish says:

I wish I could bottle your enthusiasm – you are so amazing!! I read City of Ghosts by Victoria Schwab and adored it so I can’t wait to read more by her, especially Vicious!!!

homeiswonderland says:

I’m making a 2019 to read list so I really appreciate your recommendations. When it comes to finding books I never know quite where to start. Thank you!

rockallday13 says:

This is the first video I watched of your channel. Instantly subscribed! Love the vibe you give off and you talked about these books so passionately I added almost all of them to my TBR!

aline.starlight says:

you are gorgeous I’m shook

Blanche K says:

Mine was More Happy Than Not by Adam Silvera. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING he puts out makes me wanna scream oh my god it’s so beautiful. And sad. So so sooooo sad. Main is Puerto Rican, I believe (mmmm love me some poc leads), it’s set in the Bronx and the end made me curl myself in a ball and cry. Somebody please do themselves a favour and read it. I’m begging here lmaooo nobody I know has read it. I cried, hopefully you cry.

fair unfair says:

I’m 12 and in 2018 I found Percy Jackson BESTBOOK YEAR EVER

sweetener arianas says:

Thank for reading V.E. Schwab, cuz without you I didn’t know her. She is so amazing writer! THANKS NAYA♥️

Nina Elmoyan says:

Top Ten Anime Betrayals

Janill Briones-Lopez says:

Can I please have like an OUNCE of your cheer?!

V Larsen says:

I love your videos! You’re always so excited and adorable!!

Amit Jha says:

She does sound really sad.

Deepak Pundir says:

If you don’t mind can I ask you your age ?

catarinathebookworm says:

I fully get you! I read vicious this year as well and wow was that book great!!! I pretty much forced my boyfriend to read it as well and (no surprise) he loved it! Wait you got a vicious tattoo?! I HAD NO IDEA! LOOOVE

starflowerchild says:

Sometimes when I want to read so badly but I just procrastinate I watch booktubers, specifically you. You are so enthusiastic and happy about books, which reminds me of my passion of books and forces to me read. Thank you so much for loving you are an amazing person! ❤️❤️❤️

sprite cranberry says:

idk why but if anyone remembers liv and maddie she reminds me of maddie’s best friend (i don’t remember her name oops)

Amitha Alex says:

Katie Cotugno is so underrated, so when I saw Top Ten I may have had a mental breakdown.

Tasha G says:

I just discovered your channel. I want so badly to get back into reading but I’m picky about my plots. I’m gonna give your recommendations a try!

Megan Mccormick says:

I love how you’re so excited about these books!!

Kenzie Mayer says:

1. A Darker Shade of Magic
2. Renegades
3. Monsters of Verity
4. Carry On
5. Star-touched Queen

Sarah's Bookshelves says:

Wtf you are a breath of fresh air

Headoverbooks says:


girls dream says:

You should read sad girls by lang leav it’s really good I wanted to cry but I can’t lol

Serenity Johnson says:

Last time I looked at your subscribers it definitely wasn’t 48k. Jesus congratulations!!!

Colin Vlogs says:

Your so happy and excited and your attitude is so positive, it makes me happy! 🙂

boringmuse says:

your happiness is infectious!!! happy holidays!

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