F.U. Money (Book Review)

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LadyKrystalline says:

I just bought this audiobook! Glad to hear your positive review! I’m subscribed to his channel and there’s a lot of wisdom there too 🙂

CG Entrepreneur says:

Going to check this book out for sure thanks for the video and the little push to go read it, and amazing content by the way!

Aurelian Spodarec says:

You need to change that blue color to a different shade of it! That there is too strong and looks like from the 2000s year. Outdated – get a modern colour. Look at Teamtreehouse colours for example xd

Great info xd I’ve figure that out with other videos from Alpha M, Grand Cardone and to a degree with you too. Even tho that’s a book review, there is a mindset with it like you say 😀

WPWithTom says:

lol dang I looked at the reviews and some are pretty rough. I might give it a shot strictly based on your review John, but I’ve got so many books on my current list already. The Millionaire Fast Lane is one of my favorites bc MJ just tells it how it is.

Maple Flavor says:


Algo+codehawk says:

worst book ever. dont read it if you want to be mediocre.

everyone else may find it pretty awesome

Keenan Smith says:

I’ve read the book. Even Dan says at the beginning, this will not tell how to get the money with some sort of system or product. It’s lesson and mindset book.

People seem to fail at carefully understanding what the fuck they are reading and keeping context. They’re just mad because they didn’t pay attention and now are even more bitter than every before because they continue with the poor person mentality.

Money is all around you. You just want it in your hands because of greed and freedom. A double edged sword.

sajjad tariq says:

Thanks John, you two guys are my most favorite mentors, that’s why I bought your books:). I’m really looking forward to your interview with him. The audiobook is free btw for anyone interested. https://www.fumoney.com/ebook.

Rodney Chism says:

Didnt know there was an audiobook for the book. Its been in my ibooks buried since april. Time to dust it off and get to listening. Thanks for everything John.

Jonas says:

This guy ended up on my radar because of Brandon Carter. I was pretty blown away myself but still skeptical. Your video just helped to reassure me that I can listen to him much more closely now.

knotsandcrosses1 says:

Have to go look at the freedom playlist!

Mirko Cukich says:

Dan is fucking awesome. I’m glad you gave this review. Also, I think people should check out his YouTube Channel too to learn some more things about how to be fucking successful. There’s a reason why he is known as the ‘Boss in the Bentley’ and that because he knows how to make serious fucking money. Not like so many loud mouth trolls that say he’s full of it who don’t have any kind of money nor never made any kind of fucking money in the first place.

This is another reason why i like you, your channel, your video and your books. You keep it real like Dan. To many people can’t handle the fucking truth and thats what both you and Dan bring to the table. Keep up the great work. Cheers. Also, i love the red suit he looks good in it.

Cameron Collins says:

New House?

maik says:

You can get this book for free on its official site: https://www.fumoney.com/

pavXX says:

Thanks for the review JS. I really liked Millionaire Fastlane.. will add this to my Audible list.

Janak Shrestha says:

Haha, same here. When I first saw his FU Money book ad in fb. I was like who is this Bently guy but once I started to watch his stuff in YT, now I am like this man is something :D.

2000 Books says:

Yeah – I didn’t really like his red suit either…. thats why I was avoiding it. I will check it out now.

CodingWithMitch says:

I wasn’t sure about this book, I was thinking about buying it but needed this video to push me over the edge.
I felt the same way, I didn’t (don’t) want to like him. But I’ll see after I read the book.
Thanks 😀

Marco Cavez says:

Thank you for leaving an honest review by explaining to us what it’s all about!

Many say to stick to one/two mentors. Do you agree? Like when Grant Cardone said: “IF you listen to me(G.C) and to Dave Ramsey you ain’t gonna go anywhere, you’ll have a lot of knowledge but you won’t know what to do and where to start, stick to one person, when you make it, then you can expand” what are your thoughts?

haider malik says:

I also read this book few days ago. I did not get the exact same steps how to do online business. But I got one idea from this book which is create multiple flows of income from one stream. Wealth is committed to one idea over time. I am currently working on multiple flows from one stream
When I watch this video of Dan. He was impressed me. I thought this guy has a buldog mindset 🙂

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