Bushcraft 101 by Dave Canterbury – Book Review

Bushcraft 101 by Dave Canterbury is already a best seller in the outdoor category. Is it any good? This video gives my honest opinion on whether this book is worth your time and money.

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When All Hell Breaks Loose by Cody Lundin

98.6 Degrees: The Art of Keeping Your *** Alive by Cody Lundin

Outdoor Survival Skills by Larry Dean Olsen

Bushcraft by Mors Kochanski

SAS Survival Manual by John “Lofty” Wiseman

Survival With Style by Bradford Angier

Boy Scout Fieldbook

Surviving A Wilderness Emergency by Peter Kummerfeldt

Cache Lake Country by John J. Rowlands

Build the Perfect Survival Kit by John D. McCann

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KennethKramm says:

Great book, filled with useful information.  However, I disagree with Dave on the title for this book.  As you may know, Dave dislikes the word “bushcraft” and was forced to use it by the publishers.  To me the title is accurate and appropriate.   ATB, Ken

Woodland Gear says:

I have both the 101 books. The books are full of great knowledge. I found some of the diagrams to be a little lacking…..though this could be because I am more of a visual learner. But I do enjoy watching and learning from Dave as well.

Ethan Johnson says:

I bought this book and his new one, Advanced Bushcraft, together. I kind of read them simultaneously and a couple of months ago I actually invested in the canteen cook set. I bought it as it was a priority to life. I hold off for years on buying things that are way cheaper than this cookset but this set will last for life. The only thing I could see not lasting is the lid on the canteen. It’s made out of some sort of heavy duty plastic, now don’t get me wrong because it isn’t some cheap lid, but it does leak and to stop that you have to tighten it really really tight, which over time damages the sealed o-ring.

This is definitely a bullet-proof design that lasts for life, when full of water, the whole set weighs nearly 5 pounds. The water weighs over 2 pounds of it, but when it comes down to it, cooking and purifying is the basis of life, so this is a great investment.

I’ve never used the trick with the D-rings but I really want to.

Bass and Brass Outdoors says:

I just bought this book and it is very good.

Bruce Cheaney says:

Good job on the book review!

RedDogBushCraft says:

Got Dave Canterbury’s book, read it twice, it’s a good read and full of useful information. Like you said, lots better than the first book.  By the way I have met Dave and his family. They are all great people and I feel blessed to have had the opportounity to spend time with them.

Martinius Africanus says:

Thanks for the review!

eXplorer says:

Cool vid! I like looking earth, explore and relax…

Jack Blommel says:

Got a BSA ad right before this!

Danny Walker says:

I have to say I’m NOT a great follower of Dave Canterbury either. It seems to me its his way or No way. But, I have to say I’m gonna purchase this book myself. Thanks for your review of it. I was curious bout how good it was really.

Grizzly Country says:

All his information is derived from other authors. I’m sorry but I’m one of the people that see him for what he is…meaning I don’t care for him.

El cool magnifico says:

I feel this book is like the newest history book. New book, same information.I am one of the people who, perhaps doesn’t care for Dave. I don’t believe his skill-set. So maybe I’m a bit jaded. That being said. This is probably the best review of anything I’ve seen on YouTube.

MacDaddy916onMC says:

“Like calling gun control crime control” instantly liked the video

Cherish Sherman says:

From sostackman watched your segment on good survival books to read , have you read any of James Wesley rawles books he has Some very good end of the world as we know it fiction novel , but I don’t see it so much as fiction , if you know what I mean. I think you will like his style , because I like your style of youtubes , I also have a couple of youtubes out there check them out and let me know what you think , thanks Tackman out.

Hampton Bishop says:

love your channel!

Kipper White says:

Great book 4 kids 2 know &use is the Outdoor Life guide fm the late 60’s gave mine 2 4H Library 4 ref. but applys 2 BSA folks also &EZ 4 kids 2 translate as relevent today as when made its in hardback & can be found in real bookstores or yard sales ??!!

Marko Spaic says:

Man! Ur so Gary Oldman!

John Chalmers says:

Brilliant book, I just bought it and read it…. Now I’m reading it again, this book is a must have and David Canterbury videos speak for themselves, he is the real deal,

Sonny Fish says:

A Stainless Steel Canteen, make you one of those guys with all the fancy kit! There is lots of other ways in which you can collect water and purify it with out a fancy Canteen! 🙂
A sweat bag around a branch
A Solar Sill

TheOkWoodsman says:

I learned of Dave Canterbury the opposite way you did. I found him on youtube first after watching many a fool on here ( And there is alot of ’em).I realized he Definitely knew what he was doing. I don’t watch much TV and then I found out about the show Dual Survival. So I watched several episodes and decided that the barefoot guy was strange.( Kinda fake in my opinion ). I grew up learning alot from my grandfather. He was born and raised deep in the ozarks until he was 35 with no electric or running water living off the land. Dave’s videos, and yours, has been a great way to refresh the ol’ toolbox and gather alot of new information.

Lorri Mulholland says:

if you like him you’ll like a guy named Les straud ! and bear grylls .. Les does all his stuff on his own

Johnny Wewoka says:

If he lied about his service record–then why do you guys think he didn’t lie about being a “survival expert”.???? Anybody can get a book printed–if they have enough money.

bashfulbrother says:

I have these two books and I love em. And you are so right about these being the model entry
level book to bushcraft. Great video. I read Mors book too.

Jarett Mckown says:

Do you prefer Dave Canterburys book “bushcraft 101” or mors “bushcraft”?

Brayden Langham says:

Does the kindle version have the drawings?

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