Book Review: THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN (2015) NY Times Best Seller!

Here is a look at the wildly popular, New York best selling novel THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN


foxybutterfly08 says:

Just read the book. Agree with you about the ending.

LEO UR says:

hello I am new to your channel and I like the way you speak it’s very cheerful and upbeat.

Yvette Eclectic says:

Nice review!:) I agree with everything you said. The characters were interesting, but I didn’t actually like any of then because they were all really messed up people haha. Also what you said about the ending too. It was a good ending, but did unravel kind of quickly and I felt that we didn’t get as much of a conclusion as I would have liked. I’m going to make a review on it in the next week or so too because there was a lot to discuss!:)

nordicdusk says:

Great stuff man best of luck with the book review videos.

Jean-Jacques Saint-Marc says:

I ve purchased the book after watching your review..very good book indeed! I try to get the Bullet, but it s not released yet.

Steven Allen says:

I enjoyed the book, and I thought it was good for her first book, but it is slightly over hyped. Maybe after she writes more books they will improve even more.

Jessica Keogh says:

I completely agree with this. I felt like it dragged for one twist that wasn’t that surprising. This review was so watchable, please make some more on books! If you already have I’m sorry not had a chance to look around your channel 🙂
I also do reviews for books on my channel if you feel like checking them out. No pressure! Lol.

The Next Chapter says:

I felt like it took forever to get to the end but thats just me 🙂

Red Chair says:

“… fucked up people doing fucked up things…” – that’s fiction, most fiction, isn’t it, in a nutshell?!

I can really recommend Hilary Mantel’s novel BEYOND BLACK. Now, that’s a screwy group, many of them ghosts.

Don’t forget to check my Bond commentaries. I just finished the one on THUNDERBALL. My book-into-film series.

I, too, seldom do straight movie reviews anymore, no pun intended.



Homesteading Ruthie says:

great review- I love thrillers.

Meet the world says:

Hello, I’ve done a review of this book too if you want to check it out and tell me your thoughts! you all have a wonderful day 🙂

appslover1232123212 says:

This was a great review, that a captured the gist of the book. Characters that are flawed are interesting, and important, however, these characters were completely irrational to the point of hilarity. All three narratives were annoying to read, and also sounded the same. The redeemable aspect to this book though was that it raised interesting questions to how we have a tendency to create misinformed perceptions about other people based on few encounters.

loogle says:

I enjoyed your review but just so you know, the word “protagonist” does not mean “good guy”. A protagonist is not always a good guy/girl character.

saucymauve says:

Great review:)I read this book in 2 days,and I absolutely loved it!!Can hardly wait for the movie to come out.

Audham EnTha says:

It’s great that you’re starting to film book reviews on your channel. I enjoy reading them on Instagram, but it’s nice to hear your thoughts here too. And I’m glad you’re starting with The Girl on the Train! The hype around that book’s been driving me nuts. one day I want to read it and see what’s all the fuss about, and the other I decide to not let be fooled by the buzz and wait. 
I like thrillers with fucked up characters (hello, Gillian Flynn) as long as the writing is compeling and the plot tight and full of twists. 
I’m still not quite sold on that one… I’ll wait a bit longer and get it on audiobook or something. 

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