Book Of Stolen Content Becomes #1 Bestseller

I know for some of you this is old news. Because of other obstacles, it took me way longer to finish this video than I was hoping it would. But since, to my knowledge, no one has made a video about this book yet, and the people who wrote it have STILL not done anything to correct their mistakes, I figured this was still worth posting a couple weeks after the fact.

Like I tried to make clear in the video, my intention is not to make fun of this book. I think it’s a cool idea. But I just don’t think it’s right for two people to “write” what is basically just a book of quotes, not give credit as to where any of the quotes are from, and then keep 100% of the profits while ignoring the enormous amount of backlash they have received. And I know I’m not the only one who feels this way.

The vine at 15:47 is not by Regaljoe, and I feel very silly for thinking that it was just because I saw the name Trey. Oh well. Pretty sure I got the rest of them right.

Thanks to:
Sarah Schauer, for leading the charge on this.

I also reference a tweet by Miel, so follow her too if you would like to do that.

Apologies if the audio is a little weird in this. I bought an actual microphone to use in these videos and it stopped recording like halfway through so the rest of the video is with my phone’s microphone. I’m still figuring out how to youtube.

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Here is a link to the book if you feel so inclined to buy it.

I’m not going to link the author’s twitters because my intention is not to send an army of little stinkers to their DMs with a bunch of hate messages. Seriously, don’t do that. I’ve already made my point.

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Cody Shannon says:

Officer, I have one question for ya.

Deez nuts. (I’m not sorry)

Sarah Katherine says:

how did I never realize you created my favorite vine in the entire world

Br AM says:

But if they made a book out of it they have to seen all the written vines.. So they know who made it, they just dont want to credit

Mark Birtley says:

Not to mention the grammar and spelling in the book is terrible. More than half of the book has spelling errors

emoshell says:

adam gasooski and emily babooski’s excooski is not gooski

Lit Ass ASMR says:

Mcscuse me biTCh

Notcool says:

If they didn’t care about the money they could have put it as an ebook for free

Aleah M says:

not only are they not crediting the viners, but it’s totally ripping off of rupi kaur’s work!! it’s one thing to make a parody, but they’re totally copying her style….

Its Mia Not Mya says:

ikr i was hoping road work ahead was in there, its legendary

katie P says:

Road work ahead is you?! No shit, I love that vine 🙂

Coda Greene says:


Nick Hawdon says:

Damn they didn’t even correctly quote the croissant vine how come nobody knows how to say that vine correctly it’s ridiculous

Emma Blanche says:

people are missing the point. just because it’s legal doesn’t mean that it’s right. and just because they didn’t mean for the book to blow up doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t credit. it’s not right to take someone’s quotes and just not credit them.

Gen Zero says:

Road work ahead?? Yeah I sure hope it does

Nory Levi - FIFA Ultimate Team Content says:

everyone disagree with Drew on this must be a communist

Ammy Marsh says:

It’s a vine compilation damn calm down

Meunster Chease says:

The copywrite statemnet is one amazon slaps on when you publish through them.

xer xer says:

i think if they had put the name of the viners in the book those same viners would be asking for money right now instead of asking for just their name in the book

Anna Dlugosz says:

Can you blink please

Microsoft OneNote says:

Your is gay

gh jk says:

Aren’t those “vines that keep me alive” videos basically doing the same thing? Why isn’t anyone complaining about that? I’m genuinely curious I’m not trying to start anything

Priya Biswas says:

Oh my gosh i knew i knew you from somewhere and your voice was so familiar it was bothering me. When you said “road work ahead?” realization hit me like a truck. what an icon, drew

Marmalade says:

wait he’s the guy who made the road work ahead joke

Jonhyfun says:

Are you cameron carpenter? Lmao

Russell Pergola says:

I planned on skimming through this video just to get the gist of the topic and move on, but wound up watching all the way through, Drew you talk so well.

Sophresh says:

You look like Jenn x penn

Carson Nelson says:

I figured you should know that they have went back and cited all the vines

Bacteria Daddy says:

what about crediting rupi kaur???

Russell Pergola says:

I planned on skimming through this video just to get the gist of the topic and move on, but wound up watching all the way through, Drew you talk so well.

Bagels Are Donuts Without Ambition says:

Gotta love Emily Bobinsky

Charlene Ortiz Training says:

I have published a book on amazon and the author does control the price so they were the ones that increased the price

j hrk says:

Shut the fuck up, you don’t need credit, you’ve gotten enough money from Vine and Youtube. Fucking white people problems

Brennan says:

My friend’s cousin wrotr this book

bloodspit says:

i mean its really not that deep

aaakk kkkaaa says:

I sure hope it does

Russell Pergola says:

I planned on skimming through this video just to get the gist of the topic and move on, but wound up watching all the way through, Drew you talk so well.

sausage roll says:

I thought you looked kind of familiar, and you said you were a viner so I spent the video trying to work out where I remember you from.

Then I heard you say “roadwork ahead” and EVERYTHING CLICKED.
I feel like I saw Jesus for the first time honestly

amanda cabrera says:

Road work ahead
Yeah I sure hope it does
**badly drawn traffic barrier**

juno smith says:

republish the book with credit + “road work ahead ? uh yeh i sure hope it does”

Suhaibab says:

Student: “bla bla bla bla bla”
Professor: “bla bla bla bla bla bla, bla bla bla”


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