Bill Gates’ Top Book Recommendations – #FavoriteBooks

To see all of the favorite books from famous entrepreneurs we’ve profiled in this series, check out our Goodreads page:

What book does Bill Gates recommend reading? Here’s his answer in this episode of #FavoriteBooks.

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David Omogbai says:

Great eye opener

said bruce says:


Evan Carmichael says:

Check out my NEWEST video:

Cecil Young says:

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mariam ahmedzein says:

these three little puppies when they were in the way on this floor, I was actually getting worried every time they get closer, about the kids, and they hated them of course, that’s all!!!!!

Ali bin Ali says:

If really want to read books that may help you l will list some of them here.
1- my years with general motors. By salone
2- made in America. By sam Walton.
3- made in Japan. By morata.
Good luck.

Cenarius Valenwood says:

Mainly he wants to push vaccine propaganda and atheistic nihilism onto people, the other books were just red herrings to make his Illuminati agenda appear innocuous.

wow! says:

I’m currently reading hyperbole and a half!! :>

No Where No Better Than Yard says:

Thank you

Ross Poll Clerk says:

I came across a really funny book available on Amazon recently. “Days Out” by Phil Street. Don’t know anything about the author but my god it is really funny.

aman tyagi says:

Nice Sir I like ur channel I am from India if u come in India please meet me us

Daksh Ramchandani says:

Hey here’s a question i would like bil gates to answer: what video games does bill gates like? (please dont advertise xbox)

Great British Bespoke says:

What are your top three favorite books and why?

Crystal Francis says:

I really didnt expect Hyperbole and a Half in the list but I really appreciated that his list was so diverse.

Richard Walton says:

Best book ever is just winning by dasram.

Ariel Miller says:

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Furious Wheel says:

the problem is…..i dont like reading

BEprofessional says:

Cool video love your video btw you mind please check mine also

Dameon Hall says:

Richard Dawkins doesn’t prove that God doesn’t exist with his books. He only gives scope to the laws God designed thereby proving God is a master designer.

Rosi RzZ says:

such a great idea- I love this series! took a list of his suggestions!

abubakar mohammed says:

This books have nothing to do with business inconsistent to this channel.

Ndi Derek says:

I came across a couple of inspirational books on this blog

Satyendra Kumar says:

Guys, I read the how to lie with the statistics.and it’s a awesome book where real facts are entertaining more than fiction. Thanks to Bill Sir

Cassidy Allen says:

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Chandler Hernandez says:

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dfw422 says:

This book changed my life If your serious about your financial future I would highly suggest you read it

Caroline Rozali says:

lol ive read half of those already

Aishwarya anil says:

Really excited about these series where books are suggested…

William Freeman says:

2:47 there i reduced the time u gonna spend on this

Ali bin Ali says:

Please don’t believe what bill said. Those books have nothing to do with being entrepreneur.

O G says:

did bill gates reply to you personally?

Đức Bùi Xuân says:

This is the best book I have read this year, check it out ->

Brain Food Books says:

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Arron Wilson says:

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Photocopy Of Time Man says:

Man. I want to become like bill gates on day.

Harshad says:

I’m reading how ti read cu nobody knows how to read..

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