Best Sellers List Exposed

Best Sellers List Exposed – Studio C. Learn how the New York Times best sellers list comes together…you may be shocked!

Read a rough draft of the first chapter of “Grace Harper and the Army of Mermaid Robots” written by Adam Berg here:

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Video features Jason Gray, Adam Berg, Jeremy Warner, Mallory Everton and James Perry.

Best Sellers List Exposed – Studio C


Ida Kaving says:

When “The Dark Prophecy” was 1 in the best seller list before it came out

Lora peach says:

I’ve seen all of these,but not even the new ones yet.

Soccerates 8 says:


Bujiang Xu says:


(btw i have 4 cats)

amma dritten says:

how do you get tickets for a studio c live show

Die Potato says:

Cynthia’s why Percy Jackson had such horrible movies, I guess.

Brenna Odair says:

I’d actually read that THG+HP book. my two favorite series.

PurplePuppy101 says:

the cat looks really sad

WhyEld Games says:

What is Jason petting?

Cossette Farley says:


Natalie Kemp says:

Ok u all have gone crazy on the video…

A snazzy Torm says:

Well at least they got it right with the Erin Hunter’s Warriors series!

Alexis Jones says:

Readers must give this website “fetching lobon only” (Google it) a go. All kinds of subjects are found here. From medical science to history to modern literature , you can read everything. I simply like it!! It has really surpassed my expectations. My son is also learning how to read through the help of this site. It will help a lot.

Samfong Guest says:

jason 3:09

A M says:

Hey isn’t that the eagle picture from the Democrats against republicans

Lawrence Gist says:

2:47 Why?

Evan Hacking says:


Katy Carrizales says:

That explains Percy Jackson movie was terrible but the books are great

Kawaii Kitten says:


derp33 Squid says:

OMG the cat is SOOO CUTE!!!

DaisyJohnstun3 says:

I want a pet hamster now……..

Ahleah Sims says:

Is this the first one with James as a normal person? Lol

Elisha S says:

It’s the Dolores Umbridge of the literature world!!

Toys for days says:


Kaizo_Dread says:

0:49 Oh, so you’re a fellow Slytherin.

Philip Johnson says:

I read the whole draft of Chapter One, in Adam’s voice.

Kitten Puppy says:

I would’ve liked to see Matt in this sketch. I’ve seen him play creepy/evil/bad characters and he’s very good at it. And then there’s KYLE who is… Kyle.

All and all, great video.

Olivia Andino says:

Fine, well played father
*strokes journal*

MereGrace Morrison says:

Mallory pulls out cat
Me: Awwww Kitty
Adam pulls out stuffed raccoon
Me: Keep it together, keep it together
Jeramy pulls out mini Jeramy
Me :
One week later…….

Priest : we are gathered here today to morn the death of Mere Grace Morrison, who died of laughter while watching studio c

Emperor Waffle says:

“Conference table to seat eight, please.”
“But… there are only six of you.”
“Yeah, but we’re all gonna sit on the same side.”

Stella Shippy says:


Jordan D. Grant says:

Adam’s laugh is the best

Bread win says:

im scared…

Thesmus says:

James is seen caressing his journal at the end, which means that the items (or animals) they are holding are something that made them join their group. But hey! That’s just a theory, a—-*gunshot* Mysterious Person: You know too much…

Aromas2504 says:

Oh so……. Wall Street bankers?

Joey Poppel says:

I like Jeramys smile

Josefina Fairbanks says:

I want that cat.

whachikan says:

Bananas in Pajamas+Grapes of Wrath crossover needs to be a thing

mm_minecraft says:

Now whenever I do something evil I stroke imaginary porcupines

Simp_li Avery says:


Lawrence Gist says:

My favorite book is The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict.

QMR Studio says:

0:53 Mallory waits for someone to hand her the cat

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