All The Books I Read In 2017

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► All The Books I Read In 2017 ◄

Principles By Ray – 01:38
The Graveyard Book – 03:32
Win Bigly – 04:02
The Unthetered Soul – 06:04
Backbones – 07:02
For A New Liberty – 07:50
Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind – 08:51
Captivate Book – 10:08
Sacred Journey Of The Peaceful Warrior – 11:25
The Goal – 12:41
The Story Of Philosophy – 13:46
The Life Changing Magic Of Tydying Up – 14:54
Breaking The Habit Of Being Yourself – 15:27
I Can See Clearly Now – 16:32
Perenial Seller – 17:54
How Not To Die – 19:03
Pimpsler Courses Italian – 21:09
Peak Performance – 22:07
How To Get And Stay Motivated – 22:46
The Obesity Code – 23:17
The Philosophy Of Friederich Nietzche – 24:37
Thus Spoke Zarathustra – 25:43
Resilience – 27:07
The 6 Pillars Of Self-Esteem – 27:58
Primal Endurance – 28:59
Algorithms To Live By – 30:03
The Magic 2.0 Series – 30:52
The Power Of Now – 31:50
The Everything Store – 32:27
Peak Book Review – 33:36
The Truth – 36:25
Models – 37:37
Total Recall – 39:00
Keys To Success Napoleon Hill – 39:55
Enlightment Marriage of Dark Side – 40:28
What Doesn’t Kill Us – 40:52
Your One Word – 41:24
Bird By Bird – 42:13
Start With Why – 42:43
Beyong Bigger, Leaner, Stronger – 43:42
The Star Principle – 44:55
Tribe of Mentors – 45:46
The Daily Stoic – 46:35
Manliness – 47:13
The Warrior Ethos – 48:21
Danger And Play – 49:06
The True Believer – 49:52
Your Erroneus Zones – 50:21
Nutrient Timing – 50:50
Head Strong – 51:47
Stumbling On Happiness – 54:28
Published – 54:55
Book Launch – 55:25
Unshakable – 55:46
The Art Of Wordly Wisdom – 57:28
King Elliot Hulse – 58:00
Unscripted – 59:18
Gnosis And Renaisceance In Christian Thoughts – 1:00:00
The 5 Second Rule 1:00:58
The Complete Software Developer’s Career Guide – 01:01:32

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Corey Steinwand says:

Picked up the audible version of your book The Complete Software Developer’s Career Guide yesterday! Half way through it already. And yes, I did already read the book on Kindle. Great stuff!

Abdelrahman Mohamed says:

I think I’ve read like 8 books this year lol

NurturingTalents says:

John, I’m impressed you retain so much from listening at 3x speed, even with acclimatization!

I have a hard time retaining information when I just listen to the audiobook. I kind of prefer to have the book in my hands (plus if I own the copy I’ll write notes in the margin).

Kasia Kasia says:

Thank you for the whole list in the description.Really helpful! : )

My Philosophy says:

How to Stop Worrying and Start Living

Rambo says:

great list. most of those books are mandatory for higher stages of self-development.

mcanu667 says:

Wow! I had the same feeling about ‘Principles’ by Ray Dalio. The whole idea of principles is great, but I find the book a bit repetitive after some point. Additionally, I did not see a strong connection between Mr. Dalio’s principles and the big success of Bridgewater.

KartGaming says:

Audiobooks are awesome, but I also read some e-books. My final tally for this year will be about 105 in total, 20-60 minutes a day really adds up!

David Basil says:

All the books I pretend to read.

Top Informations says:

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John Ny says:

That’s a great shirt bro.

Benny Enriquez says:

Check out Initiation Into Hermetics and put it into practice. If you already have the type of willpower you excude through your videos you’d probably have an upper hand in completing the book. Its a book on meditation that evolves humans into godhead.

Epicnerd73 says:

Thanks for the great list! I’m kind of on the fence about audio books as I’m not sure I’ll be able to retain the information as well because when I’m listening to them there’ll sometimes be distractions or maybe I drift off and lose my attention and then it’s difficult to trace back to where I got lost..

Radioactive FistFoot says:

I have to pick some books from this list to read. It’s great to know that almost all of these would be worth reading. Thanks for this big list of books, John.

Baqar Andguladze says:

Half an hour ago I ordered a copy of your “career guide”.
Also, I was quite skeptical about listening to books instead of reading them, but lately I discovered that the method really works and it’s efficient as fuck.
Thank you John! You’re doing great!

Jason Campbell says:

Audible is doing a 2 for 1 holiday sale right now. Looking to score a ton of audiobooks today 🙂

Răzvan Afloarei says:

1:06:38 – How do I access the course? I’m on mobile.

virtuality2000 says:

Awesome video! I never really considered myself to be an avid reader but I’m just now realizing how awesome it is. I am currently reading Iron John which is putting things into perspective for me about my life and what I might do when I turn 18. I also recently was gifted The War of Art and am yet to dive into that. You seem to read a lot so I was curious what your opinion is on photo reading and if you’d ever considered trying it. I may end up trying it myself but hearing your opinion is always appreciated. Thank you for all of the book recommendations!

Qwufi says:

I fastforwarded to How to not die – you know: if you know this you can be a bit less stressed 🙂 – and I went aww thats veganism…

MrLardax says:

If you want to know more about Nietzsche, this channel (Academy of Ideas)
has a great introduction to him and many others:

JoaoChAlpoim says:

Great titles. Do you have any advice about how to connect with people that aren’t on the same path and don’t care about self-improvement ? I can’t connect with most people, especially girls, because most of them don’t care about this kind of stuff. Despite being a better human because of books like these, I also become more disconnected from the rest of the world. My day is full with reading, exercising, working on my projects, maybe watch a movie, and listening to podcasts, but when you go talk to other people they talk about football, reality tv shows, soap operas, celebrities, etc… and it’s hard to have a GOOD conversation in that situation. I can pretend that I’m interested and hold a conversation like that, but in reality I’m bored. What I find most disturbing is that people get discomfortable talking about their future, like they feel pressured.

Răzvan Afloarei says:

1:06:38 – How do I access the course? I’m on mobile.

diceman123123 says:

Best book I have read by Nietzsche is The Gay Science (old meaning of gay, not the modern rainbow meaning :)) I think you would like it.

You might like other existentialists as well like Kirkegaard and Sartre. Existentialism is a humanism is the easiest text by Sartre and Either or the easiest by Kirkegaard.

TheShadow says:

0:36 Spoiler: audiobooks.

Zenn Chic says:

Love your book recommendations! Thank you!!!

Maple Flavor says:

i admire the skepticism but dr gregor is right. a plant based diet is optimal. also i’m a rothbardian so i vouch for that book as well. i’m a fan of cardone too. anyway thanks, thumbs up. more of this

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