absolutely life-changing books.

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In this video I finally share top 5 of my favourite books 🙂 Feel free to comment which books turned your life around.

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Happy says:

I’ve read The Alchemist and fell in love

Ashlyn Neal says:

I’m so happy I stumbled upon you and your videos. Your energy is so pure and contagious 🙂


we need another video like this !!!!

Chonun Yeon a says:


Jennifer KIDANE says:

Harry Potter, in my opinion, is a beautiful series. The first three books seem joyful, smile-worthy, and incredible. The next four books and all dark and sad, but in a good way. I recommend it to those who like sad, fantasy books. Enjoy!

TheSammami says:

You are so inspiring being. You need more subscribers!

I Don't Know Elisa says:

Can you do a skincare routine 🙂 Would love to see it

Esteban C says:

Greetings from Colombia, loved your video and not only that, I perceived in you a very nice energy, without saying that you are very cute. Keep going making those videos. Peace

Kelly탐방녀 says:

i like the way you talk !! you’re so adorable

Hui San says:

The Road Less Travelled by Scot M Peck Ph.D. is clearly a life changing book (The first 3 chapters of the book is so captivating. If I remember correctly)

Mitch Williams says:

My favorite all time book so far is Frankenstein, you really learn what it truly means to be human.

TheEgoBraiin says:

I have read every book except of eat.pray.love and i have to say that every book was lovely in its own way 🙂

MusicLover 56 says:

this may be “douchey” but i am not a positive person and i can just imagine people like hitler, or racists or homophobes reading these books and thinking they’re some kind of deity and feelin so proud of themselves. so these kind of inspirational books always lose their charm to me, because if someone so full of shit reads this and believes they are amaazing and ethereal when they’re absolutely fucken not, then what makes it true for me? i don’t know if i’m making sense, but i’d love to hear you guys’ thoughts

Alnor2 says:

I enjoyed this video even though I’m not good at English, and reading by it .
I’m working on learning this beautiful language.

Chonun Yeon a says:

I haven’t really read since I was younger and I regret it. Im 16 now and I’m determined to start reading again, thankyou for inspiring me. The description of The first book almost made me cry. Because we’re killing the planet and the “life force” book passage literally changed my life in a few seconds

jack smith says:

I read a 300 pg book in one hour

Higor says:

Eu Que sou brasileiro nao conhecia O alquimista. Comecei a ler por causa desse video.

Lilith Lavandula says:

Why are books so expensive in Australia? Just curious 🙂 also i keep coming back to this video because i just love your energy and i love books 🙂

Makaela Rodeback says:

What are the songs in this video? They are lovely!

Itzel Macias says:

Omg my calculus professor encouraged us to read Ishmael for extra credit and I ended up buying the book but never actually read it, and it just ended up collecting dust for over an entire semester. But after this review I’m definitely gonna start reading it!!

Rubi Isassi says:

I actually read Ishmael in my English class and I instantly connected to the book. By that I mean is that everything the Gorilla says and his way of looking at life is exactly how I see life. So reading the book, it was like I was reading my own thoughts and own outlook of life.

Annie Tarasova says:

Let me know YOUR favourite life changing books. I’m always always looking for more books to read 🙂

storm of steel says:

Guaranteed this girl is getting paid to say this

Ciahni Storm says:

Thank you so much for this video, Annie. I used to be obsessed with reading, it felt like I was finding myself in each book I read. I fell off though and I happened to click this video and I am so excited to start again. Thank you​.

Armadillo says:

read the hidden harmony by Osho

Stephanie Spivak says:

I am all for supporting authors and buying books but if you’re in a pinch, look up the book and free pdf, find a not sketchy website, and read it for free. I do this to get a vibe for the book and then I buy it if I like it. Very handy <3

adam lorden says:

A new earth is talking about the truth. Sometimes the truth is hard to realize

kianna thompson says:


Claude Gray says:

The books that changed my life were the ones that turned everything you said in this video on its head…

Javier Pacheco says:

The force? I knew star wars had it right!

Martin Zenith says:

30 buck’s I am not gonna to do that, my dad killed me.

Rishabh Sharma says:

who is she ?

Fatima Zein says:

Hey so i wanted to know from where to buy these books online for a good and affordable price people told me to read them online but i love having books and collecting them i was thinking of ebay but idonow please i need an answer and thankyou❤️❤️

Luna Antonia says:

are this books in spanish???

Bano Banoo says:

Big magic is one of my personal favs, worth reading and rereading, I love Veronica decides to die for Paulo too and practicing the power of now, I also liked The Four Agreements , it is funny how most of my favs are from the same authors as your favs <3 much love to you, I will def give your recommendations a try, I'm not so spiritual but trying to get there

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